Karr's Personal Log - Episode 42

After resting, I awaken out of my healing trance. I look for my comrades and located them in Cutter’s command room. I walk in to find that Cutter is having an intense talk with his crew.

I walk in to hear cutter say “ok then Karr will you do it?” Follow by his crew member “yeah, let him …the slayer of worlds”
Come to find out that Cutter has found a city/factory floating above another city that is attached to by some transport tube. Cutter wanted me to just kill 5 million people by dropping the factory on them. I asked Cutter why and he told me that they were clones made of the Emperor. They were designed to be warriors /an army but also capable of having the Emperor spirit move into them if needed. For some strange reason, Matt seem a little happy about the Emperor looking like a person he call Chuck Norris. I don’t who this person is but Matt seems to.

I notice as he is telling about the factory plant, that it seems familiar to the last msg clue of my family path. I had forgotten the data clue after the other problems we got into. I try to remember it saying about a great weapon that could be use to make army within hours. I look up the location that is suppose to be and it was in this sector about 400,000 away from where we are. I told the other about the factory I had heard about and that we should go there now. I pull out the data gem and displayed it. If we go there we might be able to find out more about this place. Everyone was good with idea. All except Matt. He is upset because I didn’t tell him about it sooner. He seems to get upset so easy nowadays.

We approached the station and was attack after I enter the wrong codes. It would seem that I got here too late and the codes had been changed as recent as 2 weeks ago. I almost had it hack in when it detected me hacking and fire on us. We were able to get away taking damage as we went.

We attempted to go back went I realize that i had something in my back pocket. I pulled out the white card I found among to ruins when we were looking for my uncle. I remember it keep giving me headache every time I would look at it. I try to look at a few times before and it was the same affect. Matt seem to be anger again because i pulled it out. Why I don’t know? Well, I try to look at it again to see if it might help us any. It might be a reset program card for the station. So I try to concentrate on it and a picture appeared in the center of it. I ask if the others could see it too. They said the could see something but unsure. I look again and touch it. Next I was pull into a dark room. Soon following was Cutter. I try to send a telepathic msg to Thanos to let them know that Cutter and I were still alive but i could not get anything back.

After a short time the others came through. This room is a cube cell and we are about to find out were these hatches on each surface goes.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 42

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