Karr's Personal Log - Episode 41

I am still here…… waiting.

My crew members are gone on to glory in Stovokor, where they will be welcome.

All that still stands (if you can call it that) is Cutter, Kartina and myself. All others dead…. under my command.

It began with all command ships arriving in this sectors and preparing to jump pass the blockade that was prevent us from approaching. As we were preparing for the jump there was a sudden shake to
Thanos ship (later we found out that his warp core was ripped out of ship). I got his bridge as I saw Matt run by going away. Thanos saying something about oh hell and that the Death Star was here. I went to my ship and prepare to go. I disengage and cloak. We saw Cutter and Matt ship fly out of Thanos ship. Follow by escape pods launching off. The Empire fighters came in shooting them down.

Then Thanos ship was fire upon and crashed down.

I was anger and ready to battle. As i gave the word to attack but my 2nd Mira (dear strong Mira) brought reminded me we going against nearly 300 fighters and think about more than myself.
She was right and we remain cloak to see where Thanos ship was crashing in order to aid where possible.

I flew down to the surface and found Matt ship and Cutter then located Thanos. Matt and Cutter came aboard my ship. We got in contact with Thanos and got his people out of the wreckage. We setup a beacon for Thanos crew member to come here if they can. However, given the fact that his escape pod shot out in every direction as well the surface of ring world is about 100 planets wide, they may never make it.

Speaking of the size, I had notice that there were on the surface areas that look like duplicates of earth, Qonos, and many of the other worlds. Hmmm, makes me wonder how has the puppetters affected the other worlds.

Thanos we went back to area where cutter and matt ship were. After resting a while. Thanos headed back over to his ship to see if anyone had shown. Later on, we pickup that some flyers were coming in towards Thanos ship. Matt and Cutter came aboard and we head back over. We saw that there were Empirial guards surrounding the ship and entering. We found that Thanos had gotten away on a shuttle. I met up with him and loaded his shuttle into my landing bay. After teleporting a solider for questioning and release him. We head back to the camp site to figure out what to do.

I had go some strange signals. It turns out that Thanos was sitting in his ship aboard mine ane was beaming /teleporting the soldiers into space.
As we came to the camp site, there were 4 fighter ship (with a different configuration) that came down low and was scanning as it flew around. They flew by the campsite and 2 turn around. They started to apporach the camp site. I remain cloak and watch as they flew in that direction. As they slow to appoarch the site, I uncloak and fire in attempt to take them out or at least drive them away. I suprise them but not enough to had cripple them like i hope. I fighting ok then other 2 fire on starboard side knocking out the shields on that side.

I endup getting in combat with all four ships. I open fire on the 2 to my rear with my torpedo. I took a bad pounding to my rear, front and starboard. I lost warp core, computer systems and more. I barely manage to take out 3 of the 4 ships. The 4th got away but ship was badly damage and we crash landed to the surface.

I found out that Thanos and Matt had escape in Thanos ship prior to crashing.

that was a day ago.

I have now bury my people and friends. I have gather my stuff and unless I can find crew to fix my ship, it will remain as well.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 41

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