Karr's Personal Log - Episode 4

Personal Log 000400

I find myself wondering about somethings.

Why is Jacen trying to provoke me into a fight so much?

He upset about going after Yundarr. I understand about him handing over a special gem to Eight in exchange for her to escort us down into the chamber. I know i change the plan at the last minute. I do believe that Eight will do what she says she would do. He gets angry with me for getting some female tail while we are in the belly of some Klingon hating group. I thought he would have enjoy the idea of doing one theirs in the own hang out. I don’t understand him at times like this. If he just want to test our skill then let do this. I understand his need to leave this piece of dirt. He needs to find this special person and I will aid him on his quest. But it seems like he is becoming more darker by the day. I am finding myself becoming very weary of his comments about my past. I might have to put him down. I don’t want to but i will do what i must.

Is Yundarr over the effects of the cult?
I must keep an eye on Yundarr and Teasha (female Klingon fighter) since we rescue them. The meterite seem to have a strong effect. I do admit to myself that I did act harshly by destroying the building with those people still in it when i destroyed the metorite with the phaser. I will not admit this to the others but i do regret acting so. This place is making me more short temper and cruel than I am usually. I hope that Yundarr will be ok. Maybe he can teach me how to land shark hunt with the rodeint.

As far as Teasha, I want to get to know her and she know me. Let her see that I am not truly the bastard that they had label me….before I become that bastard.

What is going on with Tarak?
He has been rip limb by limb during that cult encounter and yet he acts as though it had never happen. He state that his body was modify but to what extent? I still wonder about him being Sith also.

What will be the reponse to our letter to Tal?
I wonder will he put aside his issues with us and move on. Or do we need to just kill him? At this point, I dont care either will do.

I want to know where is the Orion Julie (mother of my dead child)?
I still want her and the man she was with. We track them to the castle. I wonder if and when we meet with Tal if she/they will be among them. I will kill them.

What is going on with my other allies here?
I will go check on Meg-gan, Fam’u, Dorr and the others this week. I have a strange feeling something is not right. HaHa this is Denchar …..when is anything ever right here.

Time to go and bed one of Tarak girls before sleep.

End Log.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 4

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