Karr's Personal Log - Episode 39

Karr Log start

I have found a heaven for me and my brothers. This place is ours. Granted it will take a lot of work to get it up and working. I was able to get to Atlas Station. It happen after we got the ambassador.

The plan for getting the ambassador out of prison worked. It went the way that Matt suggested and Cutter with Thanos was able to get in there to get her out. Cutter(disguised as a political aid and Thanos (as a body guard) walked in to speak with the Ambassador. Once they met her then Thanos would pop all three of them out to his ship and Matt would pop all 4 ships out of the system.

Now that we got her, we were heading to Atlas station. When got there, we used the transporter to the bridge and discover a few things. There were a crew on the bridge bring run by a Major Con. And the station crew of 400. The transporters work but when used the item or people become infected with a fungus that is in the whole system. The crew here were stuck for 3 years. I agree to get them off but I need a minimum of 400 so I am willing to bring new people in and work old crew out. I had the medical crew work on them to make sure they were ok.

The ambassador was able to help both Cutter and Matt get some info they were looking for. She connected them with people on Qonos. While we were there, I ran into Tarak. Without thinking clearly, I talk with him about running Atlas station and getting together. I forgot to tell him that I was also bringing on board Galaxyina to help as a over looker. I did agree to share the profit margin with him. The guys and I are expected to meet up with Tarak in a bar before we leave out. I will tell him to expect to hear from her later on. He will still be running things but she will be overlooking. I am also sending a msg to Major Con tell him to expect Tarak in a few weeks.

I better ask Matt what should we stock up on for this trip.

I will continue to travel with Matt

end log

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 39

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