Karr's Personal Log - Episode 37

Karr Personal Log start

Ah…. this station is a place of wonders.

I won at the table with the owner of the station. He was a person who escape Denchar with us. His name is Ba’leer. I was surprise to find him here. But that was just the beginning.

I won much and lost dearly.

I have lost a lot.
I lost Alyssa (My doc Bombay). He sever head appeared on the table and he eat it.
I lost Toko’Na. But got her back.
I lost my friend Kutar.
I had lost my ship as a contact msg came across my comm. But got them back.
I had my legs turn into hooves.
I had my cybernetic butt plug rip out of me and used as ring on the demon hand.
I had my chest transform into a woman bust with very huge breast.

I won Salma back safely.
I won Toko’Na life back. I hope all is well with her.
I won my ship with crew back.
I got my feet return.
I won a document with my pardon from the Federation …clearing me of all crimes/charges there.
I won my butt to be restore to a normal butt
I won my Blood Batleth back
I was able to get my chest change back by going to the medical area and be restored.
and finally I was able to win a duplicate transit gem

We had another two players show up and saw the women that we had won (Salma/Thanos sister and others). One try to win them from us. That turn into having the empire sitting outside of the station waiting for us with a bound. He was a crazy man however. He started win his request to destroy different cities all over the galaxy. On Earth (Terra), he destroyed Seattle Washington. On Qonos, he destroyed the capital. On Bajor, the capital there was destroyed. When ask why he said it was because he lost his woman to a porn star name Cutter. Of course, he didn’t realize that he was sitting across from him. Nor did he realize that man he refer as the Klingon partner of Cutter was I. I wanted to gut him but i had to remember the rules of the station and not harm him. Then he lost his own life.

Thanos became a yellow and black fairy with wings and was only 3 “apples” tall. He was funny. He won himself a small white ape with a horn from its head. He named it Cutter.

I was also approach about the 4 slaves I had gotten from our Death Chess game. I was informed that they have not been taken care of by me. I had forgotten about them until that moment. I thought they were in a pen being care by. I went to go have them relocated to a deluxe suite and given food with wine. I told them that were still my slaves but I apologize for leaving them there like that. I instruct them that they should rest and were to remain in the suite.
I shall find out what their skills are and make them part of my crew. At least that is my thoughts at this point. I paid their past bill as well as made them play a game slot each. They understood and I went to play Hell Dice.

When I return back with all our stuff. Now, I will return back to my quarters and do some research on this moon station as well as try to understand this traveling gem. I have learned how to use it and teleport to my ship The Twisted Knife. I got Katrina, Salma, my 4 slaves and all our stuff and made our way to The Twisted Knife. It took some trips back and forth but all was done.

I instruct them to head to Atlas station. I think that I may find a way to have it implanted into my person so I can access it at will. I want to explore our new home and get it ready.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 37

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