Karr's Personal Log - Episode 35

Karr Personal Log – Episode 35

I restock my engineering gear.

I have won a spot to ask a question to the old lady. I have also lost a good friend Tom Knox as well as two other traveling mates. I am interested in selling my spot. I want to make a lot of money off of this score.

I am glad that we all decided to go to the holodeck and try to get familiar with the sporting events. I got a good work out and I felt well trained. My partners seem strong and we will do well. Our group to agreed to work together during the race

The race was great. It consist of a long swim in ice cold waters with unknown creatures attacking. The water was intensely cold but with being born Klingon, I am strong and would prevail. It was a rule that had not been spoken but was applied. That rule you can kill others to make your race easier. That was demonstrated by other racers.

There was also a great bike run. I had to take Matt advice on what was the proper bike to ride. I would have made a different choice on more engineered bike. A hail storm came down and was throwing around huge blocks of ice. These blocks were shape into spearhead shape. A lot of racers were impaled. As it was, Matt gave me good advice. I did well on that path. I was very impress with Tom and Matt, especially Tom. They were leading the way but I would not admit that in front of them.
During contest at one of the rest areas while trying to cozy up to one of the USS Nelson crew members, Brima Ral, she fired a varon-T disruptor at me. She miss me on the first shot but barely. She said she was doing it to get revenge on me for the butchering of her family members that I was accused of. I told her that I was not the one who did it and was proven innocent from Klingon Empire courts. She believed me and went our different ways that night. Later on we were making a bridge of trust. But now she is also dead. She was killed by the contest. She was destroy for not crossing the finish line in time just like Tom and Thona.

We had to free climb a side of a mountain. The group agreed to go reach the top and then go our separate ways to the goal. I am glad all were able to make it to the top. Thanos decided to wait longer in the shelter while the rest of us began climbing. Matt aided Thona up the mountain and made it up just in time. The other racers that were on the side were destroyed.

Finally, we then had to make our way to the finish before time ended. I made it and thought the other did too since it was a race for the first 74 slots to see the Oracle. I am almost sure that there was only about fifty some that cross.

As we waited for the others, I think we all felt the pain of dread that Bima, Thona and Tom were not coming. There were no others coming to the finish line. Soon after, there was an energy transport beam to return us to the station. Matt contacted the remaining crew member of the USS Nelson. He told Lysia that Tom was dead. We had a toast in their honor. I know that Stovolkor welcomes them all.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 35

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