Karr's Personal Log - Episode 3

Personal Log Entry3
Its been days and I am still not sure what has happen over the past week or so. It almost seems like a very bad dream. One moment we were off this forsaken planet and I found a family member that I thought never to be seen again and we were off to our own. Then, next a cruel trickster tells us its a lie and returns us back to this mud ball.

I need a drink badly. I better make sure I put some money in the till so Tarak wont cry. Let me recount now. I remember only bits and pieces at this point. I remember that the Sheriff came by the GV to start trouble about the disruptors. It was sent with some AKs to deal with us. With the help of Kel watching our back (thanks to Tarak making a deal with him), Jacen and Cutter plan worked. They plan for Jacen to talk to the droid and when Cutter was able to get it attention, Jacen took it down. I wasn’t aware of the plan so when Cutter started shooting at it, I just starting shooting also. The AKs that were inside were taken down and I went through their bodies and gather stuff. I remember Yundarr brought the Sheriff down to the lab for Kate (Hecate) and I to work on it. It was reprogramed by Kate to follow my orders. HOW NICE!!!

The next day, I came to main area and there was an Orion lady name Julie with a big guy. She said she was looking for me to give me something. She gave me an open bag with a baby in it that was obviously half Orion and Klingon. She said it was our child and i was to have to do whatever with. She then left out. As I am trying to figure what I will do with a child, Jacen asking about the child. Alana was tending to my child when my daughter was on fire. As I got my child and Alana……my baby exploded. The blast knock me out and badly burn Alana. When I became aware. I went after Julie. With the help of Jacen, Tarak, Cutter and Yundarr, I was able to follow the trail to the arena. There we lost the trail but found 6 AKs messing with a female. Between Jacen taking out the loud mouth and Cutter great shooting there were none left. I remember that Jacen knew or knew of the girl named Al. She was invited back to the GV. I will find Julie and I am going to gut her as well as her friend for trying to kill me by bombing my child.

I believe shortly after that is when I was called upstairs to bar. When getting up there, Tarak was sitting at a table with Gunner the second in command of the AKs. There were alot of AKs with him. Gunner wanted to all of us for the killing of AKs. Cutter was able to talk to him while Jacen was itching to get a piece of Gunner. Jacen was throwing nasty words. It was quiet fun to watch him exchange with Gunner. Cutter and Gunner talk for a little bit but Gunner wanted 25 slips for each of his fallen AKs and me because I am a Klingon and member of the Garlacs. I toss Gunner the coins of 50 for his men and my guys mainly Jacen/Cutter refuse to turn me in. The fight open and Jacen stay true to his word with removing Gunner’s head and mounting it on the wall with Gunner’s member in his own mouth(Gunner ripped off his own hotdog).

The GV was in very bad damage. Then Cutter, Yundarr, and some other vanished. From there things became hazey. Next I knew, everyone was back the Grinning Vulcan was fully restored with new people around. The Vulcan was renamed the Grinning Hutt. We (Cutter, Tarak, Jacen and me) were on dencer but not. We able to get a shuttle out of here to docking station that my cousin Ronnie was there. She seem to be my Vulcan cousin and yet not. She seem to have more emotion than I remember. she also knew Jacen. She gave me some bad information about my mother. Its funny within a couple of days, I have found out that I am father to a baby child…then father to a dead child within minutes and that my own parent was killed. I was given a final task by my mother via Ronnie. I will find the person I am looking for. We got a ship while we were trying to get off the docking station.

But the Trickster name Q had set this whole thing up and sent us back to the prison. But he say that my mother mission was true.

I need to look around for answers. I will try asking some of business people and friends in the city.

My mind is still very twisted….I am going to back to my little little room.

Stop. Person log entry 3.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 3

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