Karr's Personal Log - Episode 24

These are troublesome times.

Yundarr is dead. Farewell good friend. May you continue your battles in Stovokor.

We are now in good mess. Lets see Matt has taken command since he is 1st officer while Cutter is working on his deals with this area governement. The rest of us have gone looking for trouble. We went after the man that Thanos has with.

I was told that this man had something to do with me being kidnap from the ship and sold off. We had gotten some word to take a look for at a planet where we interrupted by authority and tractor beamed into their bay so they could look through our cargo. While Matt was discussing terms with them, myself and our seven sex droids move the droids sex beds into the holodeck and cloak the girls with there equipment/beds. The Authorities were looking for pirate name Thanos who has been boarding ships in the sector.

Matt was able to work out things over drinks and replicated gold (40 lbs worth). While we were departing we had CATE access information and find out that the guy we are after is a spy. We debated to grab the guy and kill him (well that was our plan in the first place) but now Matt came up with going to underworld boss and offer him the info on a spy in his area.

I will admit that my lower half got me in trouble. I finally got with Doc after all these years even if she was drinking to get in the mood. But I went to hangout at a local whore house and indulge myself the next day. So she is still very piss with me. Gotta do better Karr.

the underworld boss was happy hear the good news. He told Matt that were allow to enjoy the area. We found a club actually it turns out to be the temple of Lady Gaga. There we were able to try some crystals with each others. I tried it with five and then with Seven. I enjoyed it. Apparently, so did CATE …after she did a crystal session with Six/Matt she decide to join the religion of Lady GAGA.

We left out. We decided to go and find if there were out ships with our technology on it from our area of space. Well we found some about 6. Went to the nears one. Scrap up against it to see if it had shields (boy …Matt is going to have telling Cutter about the big scrap line on his pretty ship). The other crew got piss and shot at us …so we rammed them ….and thorn off part of their ship. I was able to get the ships shields on for a little bit and Thanos charge in head on. We then took over and took supplies….ask some to join us which they did. about 8 of the them . Mainly working with me down in engineering. We left a drift with a runabout to travel and get their power/weapons back online at some point. We went to the next ship which was a Klingon ship on the hunt for good descriptions of Thuku in the area. they heard a male member of his species was in the area. Matt made a deal for some Klinong supplies in exchange for a couple of slaves. Thanos had them in his quarters. They were looking more for males to work mines. Matt told them that we just left a ship seating adrift with pletny of ppl to be made into slaves.

I bet that smartass that questioning what we were is now saying ….he has choosen poorly.

I have not informed my new crewmates that thier old crewmates are screwed.
I am not sure that I wll tell Thuku that these klingons are looking for his species.
But we are suppose to meet witht the Klingons to get payment in little while.

Oh will the capt be happy with us.

End log

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 24

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