Karr's Personal Log - Episode 21

Personal Log

being hunted like a targ.

Keep running til you can find an ambush point.
Been sent to Denchar for treason but I am loyal.
I find high ground to attack from. I am out number.
It doesn’t matter I rather die fighting than run.
I am Klingon!!! Roaring in to battle.
Then there is only darkness.
I look to see if I am in Stovokor.
No. I have been capture. My shame begins. No death but chain down on the ground to spikes. My limbs all bind to separate poles. Then my shame becomes worst.
It becomes worst as I am strip of my honor and treated as a female whore.
I am repeatedly taken.
…. I start to wake up in sickbay very confuse and half out of it.
CATE: The virus is still ravishing through him….another is coming out. I give him a sedative again .
I struggle as the pain happens.
CATE: Karr relax. I am issuing triple dosage.
I am back to THAT NIGHT. That night in Denchar. And it repeats again and again. Even though I killed them all, I am back here again.
…………………………………… arrrgh arrgh arrgh ………………………….

I keep awaking and passing out. I see images and people. I am in chains and then unconscious. I have been held as a slave prisoner. I am chain up to a wall with my hands above me. There are boxes stack in front of me. I can smell and hear other prisoners. They, I mean we all stink.
I am on a ship being moved I can feel the engines vibrating the ship. There is a sudden stop and crew are running around. I still behind these stackboxes away from everyone but I can hear allot
I hear gun fire. I can’t tell if they are being board or is it a rebellion. Finally after some time, the noise starts to die down. I hear people saying they are looking for someone. At some point, they look behind the boxes and I am found. Their leader turns out to be Matt. I am still foggy about everything but he is with a bunch of humans except for one large Andorian. His name is Thanos. Matt came to rescue the big andorian and his girl Nova. Finding me was a bonus. He didn’t know that I was missing. Hell neither did I. Matt tells me that I have been sick with some kinda weasel creature that crawl out of me and that Cutter had to pay to have my rear fixed. Thet would explain why I was having those repeated nightmares. He said that Karra left to work on my mission since I was not leaving sickbay to go.
I join up with them and took over the ship. We did find out who might have had Nova and made our way there. We storm though the compound and rescue Nova as well as several girls. Matt tells me that we are in a new system where they have heard of aliens that don’t look human but have never met any. So every where I or Thanos go they are looking at us. Matt tells me that problems with our technology in this area of space. Matt explains that the shields don’t work as well as transporters. Matt figure out what could be done and I agreed. We would need to run wire cable instead of EPS for moving power through the system. It works but only about 80%. We left in Thanos ship and got to a docking stations where he could get a crew to change it over for him.
Meanwhile I went with Matt and Nova to wait around. After some time we end up meeting with Cutter and Thuku (who has now had an operation to make him speak ). They tell me that they don’t know where Yundarr is but might have become a prisoner as well. We inform Cutter that we figure out how to make the system better on his ship and Cutter put it in for upgrade. We get word that Thanos has left to go after a lead on Yundarr. While we are waiting around for Cutter ship to be working we end up get a job to escort an old man who was known as old fox to a safety planet. Cutter rents a ship and crew to get there. While on route we get to know the crew. There are a few people that I get along with. There is ToolBox their mechanic. More importantly there is a human female that I decide to have fun with. After some cards playing, she and I got into some roleplaying /S&M. I enjoy playing her servant for a while. We were doing ok when a ship nearly crash into us. It turn out to be Cutter ship with CATE controlling it. We also found a viewer signal that show an upcoming underground fight game. We saw that it was Nasican warrior that was going to fight 8 straight days against 8 different fighters. One fighter a day. The list of fighters shows Yundarr at a glance. We had the ship continue to take old fox on his path and we transfer over to Cutters ship.
Cutter was able to find out information on where to find the broadcasting was coming from. Some of the information gathering cost someone else their lives when three hoods decided to against Thuku (the assassin), Cutter (ace shooter) and myself. Matt was able to find the path of the ship that fight turn out to be on. Once we caught up with the ship. Cutter talk our way in and arrange for me to be a fighter (if I make the cut for tryouts). The nassican tries to get under my skin but he doesn’t . Doesn’t matter he will die regardless. I am told that I must make it look good (put on a show) in order to be able to fight.
My tryout is a younger male warrior. He look human. I don’t know so does Cutter. And so did Jacen. I take no chance with this one. We tangle for a bit including some tossing around. I try to pump up the crowd. After awhile I feel my anger getting the best of me and I knock him out for the count. Then to finalize things and get the crowd really pump. I look over at the Nassican and apply prison rules to my fallen foe. Then the flash back of my nightmare coming in and with a roar I came as he left this plane of existence. Now I wait to take out the Nassican.

End log.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 21

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