Karr's Personal Log - Episode 2

Karr Personal Log EP2

I left off with my group taking down a tin spider driller. I am still in shock from the fact that one of my partners is a Sith from that empire realm. But what else could he be. My friend Ton’ka told me that there were Jedis and Siths that use something call the Force. He admits to being from that area of the space. I must admit he took that mechanical spider with some lightning from his hands. Hey it was better than me with trying to leap on to the back of that things moving so fast. I guess that why I am laying on my butt from missing it.

Anyhow, I thought it was cool that when Eight open the hatch and pull out the dead creature inside. When we ask her what it was she just said it was a spider and she likes to eat spiders. She then started to eat it. I thought why not see what it taste like. It was ok. Of course, I got a few stares from the rest especially from the Sith. We still are wondering what is the purpose of the spider is it here to create the cave-in or to clear out the cave-in. Since the creature is dead, we won’t find out right now.

I was expecting to head toward the North entrance where we came but we decided to head a different way. I m glad we stop at the blacksmith where we met Crazy Eight at. The blacksmith was able to melt the ora we had into coins. I found Cutter to be a cocky son of a gun. He had his own likeness imprinted on the coins. I was not thinking at the time, otherwise I should have had my house of KorrKarr symbol put on it. Funny how even though they turned their back on me, I m still think about how to honor them. After parting with Eight, we had to decide which way to go up to get out. Either the south entrance or the North entrance, both are dangerous. We knew if we came up a lot then they will want more than just 1 slip of money per person. I agree with Cutter and Jacen that I would be ready to fight our way out. What are mine will remain mine and ours. Cutter said he had an idea that would get us through the South entrance which known to be controlled by the Slashers and Ghouls. We headed up to the South entrance where we were intercepted by a group of 12 people. They were members of the Slashers. Well I was prepare to cut down some Slashers and then take their goods and their GOODs. Maybe not in that order depending how I feel at that moment.

Well Cutter walk up to the leader that stop us. The leader demanded to look through the things we had so that they could take what they wanted. Even the talk of giving them money was mention. HaHa they wanted 25 slip per person, I rather kill them all. Anyway Cutter had some words with them and somehow got us by with just the cost of 25 slips total. They even gave Cutter a tattoo on his arm of their symbol. It looks a lightning bolt. I should let Cutter know that if wants me to enhance that design to make it glow and change colors, all he needs to do is let me know and I do it for him. I would also be tempted to put a Klingon House mark on him. That would torment that stuck-up bum for awhile.

We made our way back to the Vulcan and things look even better than we left. There were more people than usual, music and dancers were very much lively. After placing our things away, we thought it would be good to relax. The Vulcan was doing well so we went to check out a place that either Jacen recommended or Cutter. I neither remember whom said the place nor care. All I wanted was women and drink.

We made it the place and not due to lack of trying was there a woman for me to bed. However there was some fun to be had. Cutter bet Jacen and myself that he could bed a nasacan female that was spotted in the crowd. Cutter is such a whore. He will bet on anything and bed anything or let them bed him. Well Tarak wanted in on the bet. He took Cutter side but also bet Cutter he could not bed within 15 mins. As it was Jacen, myself and Tarak lost to Cutter and his magnetized fallen solider.

We met a new person who turned out to be a friend of Cutter. She is very nice to the eyes espcecially mine. However she was a reporter. As I approached her so did Jacen. Jacen offer her a drink that he had in his hand for her. I took the chance to intercept his advance by suggesting that the drink might be questionable. Jacen denied it and took a sip of it. Very surprisingly the drink was foul and it took Jacen by surprise and made him stumble about like a ferige whose ears have been rub for days and could not bear to stand. Since he is an ally of mine, I assisted him to a seat then return to the lady. She and I shared drinks and discuss my alleged crime. Even though I told her the truth she seemed not to believe me. I was able to get from her that I was not going to get anything from her. I walk her over to Cutter so that they could rekindle old relations.
During his talk with her, Cutter seemed absented minded. He starts to say out loud in an open area that we have plans to leave this prison. When reminded he dismissed it and repeated himself. I m not sure why he felt so free to tell all. She had information on what had happen above ground while we were in the caves. She said that ships came and shot rays that either destroy the prisoners or transported them on to their vessels. She did state there were 12 ships but only 3 got a way. The others were shot out of the sky. She gave a description of it and I drew a picture. None of us reconized it except Cutter. He stated that it look like a group of people call Nechomongers. He only said that they destroyed his planet as well as many others. Now he did say that their methods are to conquer, convert and then destroy the planet before moving on to the next. I have not hear of these beings. However, if they are here I will make sure to take as many down as I can. The high light of the evening was that Crazy Eight came and try to drive a ice pick into Cutter’s head. Granted he was able to deflect the attack and Jacen put a joint lock on her. She stated that he /Cutter had a spider in his head. She felt the need to kill it. We told she had to leave and that we would keep an eye on him.

The next day we went to see a merchant for powercells. We got things while there. Powercells for various things such disruptors, communicators, Orion mining night goggles and even found a man who was contracted by the others to build a holodeck room in the Vulcan. Power cells for equipment that was at the Vulcan.

The next day I went with Jacen, Tarak, an d Cutter to the thieve market. I actually enjoyed myself. I found some items that I wanted including computer wristband with holo projection. While down there, Cutter and I was able to find a merchant that had some empire things. That merchant had given me leads to a bad merchant while give directions to Cutter to a better merchant. I hate being around these things/people who think that they are better. Well at the merchant, we found some soul crystals and two lightsabres. I bought the short lightsabre and the crystal of the much larger one. I thought that Jacen would be happy since has been looking for a while. I bought them for 575 total. I told Cutter to give Jacen the one crystal so he can build his toy which he can pay me for. I only had him pay me 300 for the crystal. However, I told Cutter not to give him the lightsabre until we were ready to present it as a gift. When the merchant gave it to us, he had already broke open to show us the crystal. I figure once I would fix it once Jacen knew about it.

The best thing down there was food. I enjoyed myself. After getting back, we put things away and try to rest. Since I was feeling awake. I completed the safe that Tarak and I discusss about me making. Tarak was a little upset to find that I had made the closet area he calls his room into the safe. I know he wanted me to a make a small one but what the hell. I thought I could have some fun with the want a be Feringie. So I informed him that the job was completed but he would have talk about terms for getting the access codes to enter the safe/his room. It lasted for hours and hours. It was funny to see him get all red and frustrated just to get the deal to be exactly the same it already was.

Afterwards, I waited until Cutter had gotten back and presented the gift to Jacen. He had a old look on his face. I thought that he would have been happy. I guess not. He had asked one of the girls to makes some stuff for him. I also asked her to make me a sheathe for my Bat’leth, holster for disruptor and hidden pocket for special things about the size of a tricorder.
Jacen eventually left to go talk with head of the gang of females known as joiets. They are at war with Gurlacs over controlling a piece of territory. He said that he was heading over to cemetery where the leader would be taking care of lover who had been killed. I knew he was going to have to go through Gurlac area to get there so I went to make sure no problems. I also knew that since the leader love was taken down by a Gurlac that it might not be good for me to take them all the way. So Cutter, Tarak and I went as far as the border with Jacen. Cutter went the rest of the way. I told them that I would remain in the area until they got back. Little did I know that I would come across the leader of Gurlacs and 40 other warriors on their march to the graveyard to confront the Joiets. As they approach I told Tarak to head away to avoid him getting into trouble. Well, I was order to fall in line and march into combat with them. I have no problem with combat, I just didn’t want to go against my friends who be defending their friends in the other gang. I try to defuse the situations by approaching Kalva Karr about attack on at a time of mourning. He thought that I was questioning his honor and leadership and order me to lead the group into battle.

Before long, I found myself facing off with Cutter, Jacen and Tarak in the middle of a graveyard. The Joiets were farther up the hill. Cutter try to parlay with Kalvar Karr but talks broke down. Before anyone could act Kalvar was going in and Cutter pulled out a disruptor and fired at Kalvar while Jacen turn his two light swords. I can remember thinking “Great the things that I designed and help them put together is what they using against me in all of a few days.”

As the battle engaged, I try to figure out how can I take down my friend without killing him. I thought maybe if I charge and drop kick him that would take him down and I can keep on. But I would lose my legs if he should swing and hit. I purposely went to charge and fight the other gang. I didn’t want to kill my friend unless I had to. I really didn’t feel the normal fun. Even after get shot and cutting off one of their heads wasn’t as much fun. I still did not agree with attack at a time of mourning the dead. The blood of the battle was good.

By the end of the battle, Tarak who was sweating in his boots like a lost injured puppy had killed Kavlar Karr. Four of his elite guards had surrender. I must keep an eye on Tarak also maybe he and Jacen did some Sith/Jedi mind trick that I heard about. Speaking of which it was odd that Cutter was the one who negoited the allanice between the two gangs since he is not part of either. Could he also be a Jedi? I remember YunDarr tell me stories he had heard about them. I don’t know about them. They are still my partners but I am watching.

When we got back to the Grining Vulcan, I let Tarak know that holodeck was completed by me way ahead of time. I told him there are still somethings I am working on such as get an escape hatch to the sewers for us to get to The Chamber. We also found out that the ship that was coming to get us within the next 25 days was capture. I am very anger to find out that Paupal is the one who capture them. I will kill that no good terbite . I don’t care if he is a captain in Starfleet or not…..I will feast on his still beating heart.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 2

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