Karr's Personal Log - Episode 16

Karr personal log.

I lay here on the shore of a body of water inside a mountain after being pulled out by Matt. I am broken but I still am not ready to join the Black Fleet in Sto-vo-kor. I smile. That means I have more killing to do.

I can still feel the poison still in my body fading away. I have regain use of my arms and legs. Once I am up to it. I am going back in for my belonging mainly the bat’leth of blood. For now, I sit up and replay what has happen.

We made it across the water of ice and arrived at the foot of long steps to the halls of Heorot. Our crew including Kara went back to ship. Tarak, Yundarr, Matt, myself and hand full of warriors went up the stairs. YunDarr, a young Klingon boy, Cutter and I had the most difficult time getting up. The others made it and threw snowball to make it more rough. Cutter made he crazy Jedi leaps and was up there after falling once. I was not so lucky. We made it eventually and it was good to get inside with heat. It was during my time on icy steps that I realize that none of our electronic equipment was working. There is something in the atmosphere that drawns and disables equipment over time. I am glad Kara and the others were able to get the ship before we lost that ability.

I wasn’t even done taking off outer stuff when I had to state who I am to the lord of hall. I was so cold that when I spoke to who I am and my achievements, I spent more time stumbling on my words than getting it our correctly. The king welcome us but gave warning that all we would find is death here. He offer shelter but told of a beast that comes for a female sacrifice or kills the warriors that faces it. He said that my brother had come and face it. He had faced it but was killed. The king said that those who was willing to fight were welcome. We party for a little while. As the king and ALL his people enter a passage way behind the throne, he offer us one last chance come hide in the floor. Those people that came with us choose to stay except for Cutter who went below to have sex with a slave girl or Klingon girl. I was not sure nor cared. We were then informed that I was to figure out a plan of attack. After much debate we were to pretend to act sleeping while it came in. We then would attack. Unfortunately, we drank and I dose off to awaken to the head of a warrior in my lap.

It was huge and had rip through a couple of warriors. We attack and our weapons didnt feel like it was getting through it fur to do damage. At one point I saw that Matt sword had drawn blood and i try to focus on that area. Yundarr try to strike and did no damage. In fact the creature attack and rip off Yundarr’s left arm. The creature even rip open his stomach. I found out later that Yundarr guts was hanging out. I however am still in pain from IT ripping my member from me with a sword that it pull out. The pain and shock is still haunting me. Even as I laid on the ground in the pain, it played with it and use it to beat on Matt.

It then took my member and chewed it up as food. It then threw Matt threw the wall. It was good that Matt had flew through the hole that another warrior made when he was smash through the wall. It follow out after Matt. I gather strength and leap out to attack but I had missed and was toss down those same icy steps. Matt was able to get a knife into its neck. I once again strike at it causing damage. During the fight my batleth was destroyed when it shatter against the icy ground. The creature left with its wounds.

I remember coming back in and seeing Yundarr wrapped in a web cocoon made by Tarak. I then collapse. I awaken to the king and his people tending to our/my wounds. I dont know how long we will be here but i need to get to a real medical sickbay. The king said that creature went back to it den. We decided to go there and kill while it is still injured. The king told us to first go to an old witch who might be of some help. We travel down to the cave and discover a beautiful woman there who was swimming in the hot spring water that gave heat from the cave. It was warm. Apparently, there is volcano base under the ice.

She offer those who wanted healing to follow her into a cavern. She then reach in the river of lava and pull out a sword for Matt and Bat’leth w/ a blade that was the color of blood. She then instruct us to go into the lava to be healthy. We strip and went in. It burn at first then the pain went away and I was healthy again. I still was without my member there is only torn flesh pieces of it left covered with healing mesh. I want its head. Matt went in and was better. I toss Tarak in think he would be better. Instead it burn him and his clothing. I didnt realize it would do that to him because he had no damage. His hair was burnt off also.
I am sorry for that.

She also told us that those who came in would have a chance to live the others would not. HobKnob, the young Klingon was still trying to prove his manhood and wanted a weapon. Instead she gave him a shield. She gave use a vile of anti poison and said it would be need to counter the Mothers poison. We left to go to the creature’s den. Once we enter the opening the heat pour out of it. We went in. Matt had take point and we came to an opening to a cavern where there was at a alot of blue bug people. As I look around for a way around them, HobKnob starting pushing and wanting to know why we dont just charge in. I try to tell him we need to go around and kill the creature while avoiding them since they outnumber us greatly. There were only a little bit of us left. The arguement lead to HobKnob going off the edge down to the blue people. I told Tarak to continue down another tunnel since we couldnt reach down there. I start to just leave the idiot to his fate but he is with us so I went back. As I got there I saw that HobKnob was being beaten on. As I started to attack, Matt came in from a different tunnel and back them up enought to grab HobKnob. They both ran back into their tunnel, the crowd followed and I saw the creature come out. It follow the crowd chasing Matt and HobKnob and I follow the creature. The chase led back to the edge where we first enter the cavern. I saw them go into another tunnel. Finally, I track it down and attack it. I believe I have killed it. I hack until 3/4 of the head was hanging off. Then I cut its member off and used the end of the Batleth to do prison rules. I admit I was consume with fire. I then mount its member on the blade and used it. It was then that heard screams from the front of tunnel where Matt and HobKnob was. I roared and pointed to the dead body of the creature and told to go or they would soon follow. Some came toward me howling. the keep their distance but continue to howl. I look back toward the body and saw a little girl approaching. It stood there and then leap at me. I try to parry it but she able to scratch me. I look over at her to strike and I could not move. She had poison me. I could only see what was going on but could not move arms or legs. She came closer and I was able to Psi blast her. She fell on top of me.

It was then that HobKnob came up to me and push her aside. He then drag me by my hair back to where he was. It was then I realize he was by himself and there was another ledge to open chamber. HobKnob then threw me into the pit area below. I couldn’t move and fell through a landing that had a hole and hit the body of water below. I was sinking when Matt came and pull me out. He drop my armor and drag me to rocks. Matt saved me. He then reached into my side and pull out the vile of anti poison. He pour some into my mouth.

Now I am recovering. We must still deal with the Mother.

End log.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 16

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