Karr's Personal Log - Episode 15

Karr Personal log 00015

I am in pain,
I feel my chest still stinging from the cuts

As I sit here tending to my wounds, I smile. Today I have restore my family’s honor that was lost so long ago in my name. The house of Duras has been proven to be the actual foes.

After receiving word that the reporter Becky was able to present evidence of my innocence to the High Council, I had but a short time to get to Qonos. The news said that if I didn’t show by end of the month to answer for my court date that I would be found guilty regardless of facts. I found this out shortly after arriving at Citidal. It has been a hard trip. I had to inform Salma that her husband Rexarr had fallen. Even though it was with great honor he died, she has lost her man.

That is not the only lost we have had. We lost Dorr, Dorra, Sallie, my engineering crew and rest of the crew. Then we just found out that the Empire had capture and executed my honor friend Jacen. I have perform the proper ritual for them to all enter Stovokor.

As we prepare to get ready to head to Qonos for my trial, I had gotten word that my brother had gotten stranded on a planet called Jortenheim. He claimed to be in need of rececuing. He had always been more headstrong than the rest and a bully. Where he was at would take us in the other direction that we need to go for Qonos. I was almost ready to go get him and give up my chance to clear my name as the Butcher of Krawles. Thankfully, Kara reminded me that I would serve the whole family well clearing my name and regaining honor to the house of KarrKorr. So Tarak informed Cutter that we were leaving and Cutter should follow once he had concluded custody of his ship. His ship was sitting at the salvage area mark for destruction. I contacted Jenkins the owner who is an old crew mate of mine from the Vanguard. He said he would look out for him.

We were in need of new crew members so Tarak and I went to recruit new ones. We found some including a human name Matt. I am not sure about him, something about him is odd. He seems out of place among us. He seems to know some science that might prove to be useful for later things. We had arrive on Qonos to be arrested and held in cages for trial. Those that were with me were informed that if i was found guilty that they would be put to death as well. So i found not only myself and my house on the line but the lives of my friends which included Matt of the new crewmen.

The courts trial was long but I was found innocent. However they were going to turn me and the others to the Federation that was en route. They might have if not for Kara speaking out for a trial by combat. I could tell that she was translating for Cutter, who had arrived. I was require to fight to the death to be allow to leave. My fight was great. I fought an old man but he was a master. He not only resist my psionic attack and cripple me, he inflicted his only psionic fear attack on me. I wanted to flee but too much was depended on me. I had to face him down. I am Klingon and we not only face our fear but conquer it. This day I prove to all that I am KLINGON. He had fallen and honor was restore to House of KarrKorr.

I would like to had shown my old home world to my friends and celebrated but we had leave as Becky and Cutter rush us out and we left for my brother. My head still was aching from the psionic feedback I was given by that master. For now i must rest while we make our way to Jortenheim.



Continue Log

We have made it to Jortenheim. It is cold. Extremely cold. We beam down to a area to get information about my brother. After introduction were allow to enter their quarters. This site seem to consist of Klingons that have been here for generations. They left the Empire to get away from the corruption that was plaguing the Empire. They now live here in this harsh lands of ice and cold. They shared their heat and food. Matt seems to be annoyed with being around Klingons. However, he did make the suggestion for Tarak and others to come down with food and stuff. We had a feast and fun was had by all including Yundarr and Matt. I found that my brother was there but left to go find glory at a different camp site. Now it is the next day and we must travel across water to get a this camp site. We are now on our way.

End log.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 15

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