Karr's Personal Log - Episode 14

Karr Log 000014

Dorr dead.
Dorra dead.
Salli dead.
Rexar dead.
Minx dead.
My whole engineering crew dead.
My luxans brothers and Andorian sisters all dead.

I only hope that Sto-Vo-Kor, lets them in. They were all proud warriors that died a warriors death of fighting and doing their duty. I know that they will serve on the Black Fleet in Sto-Vo-Kor.

I still stand in disbelief of what has happen. We were in the old Jedi ruins when we were hailed by the ship that we need to get aboard. After getting beam up to the heart of gold, Jacen and I made our way to engineering. I had try to contact T3 but our communications was cut short from what sound like an attack against it. After getting in, we were trying to figure out what had happen that heart of gold was falling out of its orbit. At first we thought that Rexar might has lost his mind and jettison the warp drive. But the fact was that the warp core drive had gone thru the haul not by normal ejection. When trying to find Rexar we determine that his com badge was located out in space near the warp core. He had died while ejecting the core. We were not sure why at that time but learned that we were under attack. once we found out that CATE had an experiment of Tribbles mix with black blood disease (BBS) as well as Jacen’s Jedi DNA created a group of force power Tribbbles. These Tribbles could phase in and out of the ship. they could go thru force field walls and had been feeding on everything and everyone.

These things had taken over the heart of gold and we believed on the science vessels as well. I was able to locate what little remaining people were left and started emergency beam downs to the surface to abandon ship. We lost Minx and Salli before I could beam them out there trapped area. The last group was the remaining command staff. We had beam down but had also discover that a horde of the Tribbles had also beam down among us. I turn my setting on my disruptor to level 8 and started to fire when Jacen hit my arm up. He was correct because it would have been too close to us for the explosion it would have caused. Then Jacen started to glow and shoot out lightning to kill all the Tribbles in the area. He said that he felt something also.

There was Sith villain in charge of the Tribbles. he announced himself and stated he wanted Jacen. Cutter challenge him to a fight with Jacen down on the surface. The Sith agreed but said he would work his way up by dealing with our underlings. The first groups of crew beam down was about a mile away from us and they were the target. Among them were Yundarr, Dorra, Thuku and Alana as well as my sister Karra. Cutter just ran off toward that way by leaping across tree tops. The rest of us soon follow. I dont know the details yet but it looks like the Sith guy tried to take them on and lost. Dorra had fallen.

We were able to use the communication equipment that he was carrying to gain access and beam aboard his ship. We got everyone aboard that was left. We saw that the heart of gold was falling out of orbit and made attempt to get over to start engines. We beam over and took the shuttle out of dock and try to put the warp core back in the hole so I could link power back to it and get the ship restarted. However, Jacen was still weak from the Tribble fight on the surface. I didn’t realize how bad he was until he try to use his Jedi force power to move it back in and failed. He then collapse again unconscious. I was able to use the shuttle tractor beams to put it back in. Once in the Tribbles were trying to reach the warp core to eat it. That’s when we figure Rexar jettison the core as an attempt to get the Tribbles off the ship. Rexar gave his life to save the ship. Cutter came up with plan that if we could put a beam of energy from the dish emitter that more tasty to the Tribbles that they would leave the ship to go after it. It worked but still had to get the ship engines to start. We try to get the remaining await team of the science vessel crew to come aboard and work with me. With my guys dead and them being scientists, I might have been able to get things working enough to get us out of here. After no answers to hail, Cutter and I beam down. We discover that they were being held captive by some hunters that wanted Jacen. When we order them to surrender they beam out but Cutter was able to attack and was beam out too.

Cutter returned to us and I was able to get the heart of gold to a stable orbit but still need the scientists and more time to do repairs. The scientists turns us down and thats when we realized that Jacen was missing. The heart of gold is in no shape to pursue anything so we will take the Sith ship and try to track down Jacen and the people who have taken him.

Jacen we will find you.

end log.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 14

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