Karr's Personal Log - Episode 13

Karr Log 00013

“Today is a good day to die.” " but it wont be I.

Here I am stuck in a old Jedi ruined. I am here with a guy who is trying to figure out if he should put a bullet in my head or in whatever may attack us. I don’t care about this guy too much but I did give my word that I would protect him. so i will. all i can think of is how did we get here?

We started off with trying to figure out why is it that nobody else remember us dealing the mike and professor challege. I talk with cutter and he remembers as does Jacen. I was able to talk Tarak because he was answering any calls while Alana was tending to his wounds(?) Cutter had be acting Capt while Tarak recovers. Eventually we were able to figure due to physical evidence that we were not loosing our minds. There were here and the events that happen did occur. After talking with Rexar about what happen. He had no memory of 6 of us being rescue from their ship falling in the hole but he remember only 5. When he check systems records, he found that there were records of 6 of us including the robot. That is when Cutter had me and crew do full check for it. We found it attached to the haul just above the engineering area over the computer core 1. Cutter and I went out on Zero-G walk and removed its core and detach the body from the haul. I have the part being examine by T3 since i had to replicate an interface adapter for it to connect to T3.

while dealing with that. The crew decided to check out the science investigation of jedi ruined before the starfleet gets there. We would not allow something to dangerous to land in their hands. Jacen would be the best identify what is what. if we can, we will take what we want and leave. That sounds good but that is not what happen. We went into the star system and saw a science vessel and trader ship. We agree to take the ship with as little killing as possible. After all, live slaves are good slaves. Cutter had a plan to bluff them into giving up. He had me modify the ship to look like it was more powerful than it is. It took 48 hrs but my crew did it.

They gave up and Cutter sent two teams. One team of luxans and Jacen to the bridge and Dorr with Andorians to engineering. Both did their jobs well. there senior staff was sent over to heart of gold in the brig. Some others that were pick out by Cutter was sent to the slave quarters/cells. Eventually, we talk with the crew members that were on the surface and work out some deals with them. Cutter work out that our group (jacen, cutter and I) would check the temple. The leader of the surface group as if he could come with us. He keeps asking about my past and it only seems like he start listening when he made a wrongful comment about capt. archer that piss me off. Now I find myself stuck in here with him.

End of log

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 13

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