Karr's Personal Log - Episode 11

Karr Log

Things are starting to get crazy again. Some more attempts on my life and partners are happening again. After I got back from stocking up on Slurm, I went up to the lounge to relax before we leave. When I came in Tarak was talking with an andorian crewman. The crewman started to insult me about being a Klingon as well as an engineer. After some words, he was told to leave the ship. Tarak had me escort him. Upon his departure, the Andorian said that I would regret kicking him off.
He made me think what another threat? Get in line. Speaking of which. While we are going to my uncle I want to find out what is the status of the House of Duras? If we come across their ships I want to board them and then blow out of the sky. I want to find see if I can get the others to aid me in this. I wonder if I could get Cate to hack their system to the point of finding the evidence of my innocents. I want to being the House of Durras down.

Soon after leaving out, there was an emergency alert going off in engineering. I got there to see one of my men down from an explosion. The rest of the engineering team came to help. While dealing with that, the ship engages into warp drive on its own. Control was being lockout and the bridge said that there was strange signal coming from my area. I told my people to get work on the fire and engine speed issues. Then we were told that something was wrong with computer system and it was acting haywire. I told the bridge to look in my room and especially where the crates of Slurm are since that is the latest things brought in. Suddenly, we heard on all coms Cate screaming in pain. We were able get everything under control. Cate was under attack as well as I.
With the crew on edge, Tarak decided for us to board a ship in the area. The battle went well. However we couldn’t use the technology that was there so I gather info and we took arms. We could have easily replicated the same arms. The crew started a melee training program that I want to work with them. I am still trying to control my temper but I admit it is getting out of hand at times. I did meet an adorian crewmember who I did wrongfully make a blanket statement about. She and I are on decent terms now I did approach her and apologize. We shared drinks until one of us passed out. Unfortunately I was the one who have passed out. It must be the side effect of the Slurm. I have been having bad dreams. I try to skectch out the pictures while it is still in my mind when I wake up. One of the images was coordinates. I went to Tarak and Jacen to tell them. I don’t know the nature of the dreams and I was hoping that Jacen jedi stuff could make sense of things.
Tarak enter the coordinates to the location and there was nothing on charts however when we got there. There was a ship stuck in a singularity. We try to go in and aid but had a hard time trying to use the tractor beam. We almost made it out when two ships call Peacekeeper demanded we surrender. We had to let go of the ship we were aiding. We then escape the two Peacekeeper ships and circle around to try to help the Lady Luck ship. Due to the fact it was too deep into the hole for us to bring the Heart of Gold in, we made a plan to send myself, Minx, and Jacen with transporter enhancers. We took the shuttle to the Lady Luck and would beam back. It work at the price of our shuttle and their ship. Their crew was Mike, George and a robot name Robbie.

As we left the area, the bridge had gotten sensor alert of something happening crews area. I met Jacen there and we went into Alana quarters but she was ok. Then we heard screams from next door. We went in and there was short turtle creature. I took cover and shot it. Jacen went into the backroom. My shot didn’t affect it and it leap over to me when something else’s hand came out my chest. It was very painful but I pistol whip it as I turned. It vanished in pain and I shot the other on heavy stun. I put the creature in the brig. It has a bio electric defence. It was then that we found out that our people are missing. They took Alana and Dorra. It’s time to have a talk with him.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 11

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