Karr's Personal Log - Episode 10

Personal log

I am feeling very weird. I am always craving this nasty soda pop drink call Slurm. I don’t know why. I think I am going to have Cate take a look at it. I seem to need to drink it every 5-8 hours.

Anyway, things are going ok. When we got back to Citadel with my little sister K’ara, we found that the woman we thought was Jacen friend Honi is the person he was looking for. I also went on a lunch date with Salma. I was looking forward to meeting in the raw with her. I have been thinking about it for years. I still have a smile when I remember her in the animal pitt with the gorillia people. Yet sadly, when we met she turned me down for a sexual get together. She informed me that she is now married. What makes it so bad is that is the fact that she is married to my ship mate and friend Rexar. I do admit I wonder if she would change her mind if I killed Rexar to be with her. I know that she is a telepath and could hear my thoughts. The fact she didn’t react was interesting. I guess she knows that I would not straight out kill him if I meant hurting her heart.

After a few days, we left for Commerce 02. Due to navigational error we were off chart and arrived at a wrong area of Garidian space. We were near a blue planet where we hear and distress beacon from ship. We went to check it out and found it to be beacon for a Klingon ship that has been missing for 200 years and that there is an award for the information leading to it’s discovery. The name of the ship is the Crimea Durr, a Klingon generation ship. It had crash on to the surface and had been grown over to the point it was hill that look over a society that had developed from the survivors. Dorr suggests killing them all and keep on our mission. We got the logs and information from the ship. We as a group decided not to interact with them and to keep the location to ourselves as a “card up our sleeve” in needed. I learn that phrase from Cutter.

We got to Commerce 02, not a great trip. We were introduce to Tarak ‘s Shodar (his GodFather). I should say he is our Shodar now. I and the crew join his Syndicate family. I am still not sure if the right thing. While there Cutter found out that his buddy is trying to get a collection. This collection is the heads of 100 male porn actors. I guess to that end, explains why there were gang of kid trying to kill Cutter. One drop a bomb at his feet. We went after him but I lost him in the sewer pipes. I also lost my armor and coat in a pit of slime. I like that armor but at least I got it replicated in the replicator and sitting in my room.

A group of Jedi (force people) showed up and is working for Jacen now. I wonder what that is about.

Now we are just waiting to pull out and head for my uncle.

Personal log end

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 10

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