Karr's Letter to Tal Shuresh

Greetings to Tal Shuresh,

We at the Grinning Vulcan request a meeting with you in order to discuss how to settle this war in the city among the gangs cleanly. We at the Grinning Vulcan, have tried to keep to our little hole in the wall. We try to get along with the gangs of the city with little trouble. However, you have sent the Sheriff, an explosive in the body of a baby, and Gunner at us. Those attempt have failed and we would like to avoid other issues.

So I write this letter in attempt to smooth things over with us and you in hopes of better ways. I am asking for you to forgive my group at the Grinning Vulcan for the fighting that has happen with our group and your people.

Awaiting your answer,

Karr at the Grinning Vulcan

Karr's Letter to Tal Shuresh

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