Karr in Between season 1-2

Log begin.

It has been a while since my last entry.
I traveled back into Klingon space heading for my uncle home to get information about the mission my mother had left for me to do.
I was able to get a ride for me, Dr. Bombay, Five of7, my 6 eegrs and some others. We made it back in Klingon space ok. We met an old friend of mine from the House of KarrKorr, Randar. We travel with him for awhile.
While traveling and enjoy the journey home have fun that was not celebrated from the last time, I found out my sister Kara was abducted and taken by the house of Duras. Her ship was found floating in space with a msg beacon being sent for me.
I spent months looking for her. working as a bartender at different areas. Making pirate raids on Duras ships. I was able to contact some allies and took a ship that belong to the house of Duras to make more raids in attempts to find which ship had taken her.
After a couple of months of raids, I found the ship that had incepted her. We made the crew and it captain tell us who had taken her. I found the member of the House of Duras that responsible. It was …Dur’ak. The one who did the crime I once was accused of.

Most of my crew left and I took on new ones. On one raid, we were capture. The ship was set to do maximum stun to all people on board. We were capture by him. During my short time there, I found out that Kara had already gotten away just before.

My crew and I were able to get free at the cost of many lives including Randar. He fell in battle by my side as we killed several members of the house of Duras. Dur’ak escaped with missing right hand.

We were able to get also free some other prisoners. This included a family member of a most honor house. Her name is Narrie, daughter of the Head of the House of …..

Doctor Bombay got me and the crew patched up and then went her way. She said she wanted to try something a little more calm. She spent a very wild night with me and left soon after.
After returning Narrie to her house, I was given a ship of my own as reward.

I was able to sell that ship and two of the Duras ships that we had gotten to escape and bought a new (at least new to me) ship I have named the “Twisted Blade”.

I had gotten word that Kara was still on her way to uncle. I told her I would follow after DS9 event.
Now I am off to meet up with my old partners at Deep Space 9 and see where the battle will take us.

End Log…

Karr in Between season 1-2

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