K'ara's Personal Log - Episode 10

My brother came back from shopping smelling like he had been swimming in a sewage pit and I nearly vomited. When I asked what happened, I was told that Cutter got jumped by a bunch of children trying to collect the bounty on his head. I had to laugh at that but then I saw the news clip showing Cutter shooting a kid. Now it looked like he had the gun on stun but I am not real sure. In his defense, the kids were hacking at him with knives and that green turn of a friend of his was just watching in the background. Very odd people my brother lives with.

The captain made me science officer which is a real joke as the only science I know is archeology and I learned that so I could hunt for treasures. As science officer I got to but stuff for the ship and now I have a real sweet tricorder with an archeology module and I am hoping to get the crew off on a treasure hunt. I know of several good ruins and with this group I would feel safe going up against the androids and robots guarding those places. Hell I would even be willing to go to the Hotep’s tomb and facing the dire ghosts. I think with the psi and force powers these guys have, we would be safe in that place. I always wanted to get the Cubic Archanus but the thought of going there alone seemed crazy. Maybe I will bring this up while talking with the crew.

Speaking of crew, a whole lot of new people are on the ship and they all seem kind of creepy. I think this ship is not just my brother’s hangout but an actual pirate vessel. If it is I am so getting some cool pirate clothes. I would look awesome in a pirate getup and these fools will just drool looking at me. And talking about fools I should mention Jacen is a huge one. I thought we were clicking and now he seems bent on that slut Honi. I might have to do something about that. I need to step up my game. I never lose a fight and I don’t plan to make this my first loss. I hope he is just looking at her as a friend.

Now onto other matters. I noticed that girl A’lana is making a coat and hat and slippers out of tribble skins. Now that is some creaped out shit. I don’t like the little fraks much but my brother is freaked to all hell by them so keeping a few around is kind of funny. I need to get someone to program some holographic tribbles so I can frak around with him.

K'ara's Personal Log - Episode 10

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