• Purpose: Agriculture
  • Temperature: 27 degrees Celsius
  • Gravity: 0.87 standard

Once home to lush jungle regions as well as fertile plains, most of Juros’ surface has been cleared over the centuries for agricultural use. Seventy percent of Juros is covered in water, broken only by two large continents, set close together. The terrain of Juros is almost entirely flat, with only a few small mountains on each of the continents. The massive farms and orchards of Juros can be seen from orbit, giving the world an odd, patchwork quality.

Farming dominates Juros’ industry, and the fertile soil supports dozens of different crops. The farms and orchards cover not only the land regions, but the seas as well – kelp farms are common in many of the shallower areas of the planet’s oceans. Recently, a booming fishing industry has been growing as well.

Originally settled by Hynerians, most of Juros’ original settlements lay in the coastal regions. The original Hynerian colonists have been joined by Sebacean, Zenetan, Delvian and, more recently, Tavleks. As other races settled on the planet, they leveled the lush forests and jungles to make more room for more farms. A Hynerian agricultural company called the Quellas Corporation rules the planet. All citizens are considered employees, in one way or another, and the Corporation returns their loyalty with generally fair and just policies. Occasional claims of racial favoritism arise, claiming that Hynerians receive preferential treatment, but these claims are routinely ignored until they go away. Most races are welcome on Juros as long as they plan on contributing to the society.

Recently, this tolerance has caused tremendous problems. Under the guise of retired soldiers-turned-farmers, a group of Tavleks have moved to the planet and started growing illicit substances and poisons in some of the outlying areas. Through a mixture of force and intimidation they dominated a few of the smaller farming communities, forcing them to tend the Tavlek’s crops. The Tavleks use transports to get their goods off world and to numerous customers across the Uncharted Territories. Due to the extremely fertile land, the Tavlek operation may be one of the primary sources for the chemicals needed to fuel their infamous gauntlets. In the cycle and a half since the Tavleks’ arrival their numbers have doubled and they show no sign of slowing.

The Quellas Corporation is outraged by these events but has yet to mount an organized response. They have sent a few corporate security teams into the pertinent areas, who only succeeded in getting themselves killed. The Tavleks have entrenched themselves heavily and know the terrain, which makes displacing them very difficult. Most of the farmers in the contested areas are too scared to offer meaningful assistance.

Quellas responded by seeking out mercenaries to help remove the Tavleks. They have also investigated the possibility of hiring covert military forces, including a few Peacekeeper search and destroy teams. The success of such an operation remains in question – especially since Tavleks might be behind the incursion. If so, the dispute could escalate to an all-out war.


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