A violent game that is very popular throughout the Uncharted Territories and parts of the Romulan Star Empire; it has even recently started being played in Klingon space. The objective of the game is for the teams ‘qwik’ to get the ‘jug’, or dog skull, on the opposing team’s stake within the time limit. The enforcer’s role is to defend their qwik from the opposing players. Opposing players try to immobilize or injure the quik while preventing the jug from being placed.

Jug: A dog skull, or a similar sized skull.

Mal: The stakes at either end of the field. The jug is placed on the mal to win the game.

Pompfen: Pompfen are the weapons used by the enforcers. Each enforcer may have any of the following combinations, with at most one double-up:

  • A Staff, 180 cm in length, thrusting is not allowed
  • A Q-Tip, 200 cm in length, double-ended, thrusting is allowed
  • A Net, 180 cm diameter and a Short Staff
  • A Short Rod and Shield; the Rod is 85 cm in length, thrusting is allowed; the Shield is 60 cm in diameter
  • A Chain, 320 cm in length

Tempo: A gong and 100 stones: The stones are thrown against the gong to keep time. 100 stones per third, 3 thirds per game.

Positions: A team is composed of the following:

  • One Qwik: An unarmed player, and the only one allowed to touch the jug
  • One Chain: A player armed with a chain who generally acts as a goalkeeper, protecting his side’s mal
  • Three Enforcers: Armed with their choice of weapon (except a chain); an Enforcer may handle the jug with his or her weapon
  • Up to three Substitutes, who can replace any player; substitutions can only take place between thirds


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