This mostly frozen planet was originally a human colony world but in 2291 the colony vanished. In 2332 the Klingon General, Hroth, brought 600 Klingons and resettled the world. Today the Klingon colony has grown to include 14 settlements and just over 20,000 people. The largest and most prosperous settlement is Heorot. A unique aspect of the Klingons on Jortenhiem is the fact that they have addopted the Krath, a viscious pick ax that is used for mining and climbing the ice sheets that cover much of the planet. An unusual effect of the planet’s atmosphere drains the power from most modern equipment in a matter of hours and energy weapons rarely function for more than one shot. This has forced the Klingons to revert back to Tech Level 3 in many aspects of their day-to-day lives – a hardship that most space-faring peoples could not endure.

The Voluspa’ system has no spaceport, and the extreme number of asteroids in the system makes navigation difficult. Of the two planets in the system, only Jortenhiem is habitable. The other planet, Nifleheim, is a gas giant and is surrounded by 17 ice rings and 36 moons. Only the best and craziest pilots would dare to visit the Voluspa system.

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