Jeto Malta Incident Report - Episode 16

In cident report: #17966-327
Reporting Officer: Commander Jeto Malta

Following up on reports from agent 327-6692, we tracked a hidden transponder placed on a cargo ship. This transponder led us to the Valuspa system on the edge of the Ildius Nebula. We entered the system cautiously and found two ships in orbit of the planet Jortenheim. One ship was recognized as the subject and the other appeared to be registered to one of the Darths. The Darth’s ship failed to respond and we chose to ignore its presence. The other ship attempted to flee but we captured it with tractor beams and pulled it in. The crew was scant and we only captured a Rodian wanted for murder by the name of Thuku and a Vulcan woman. We decided to check the Darth’s vessel but it jumped to hyperspace.

Following routine interrogation we discovered that the subject, one Alyr Toryn, had traveled to the planet below. After making an examination of the planet we chose to depart the system. The Rodian will be transported back to base for trial and the Vulcan will be sold to one of the Hutts for information. It is this officer’s belief that Alyr Toryn will bother us no more.

I feel it noteworthy to mention that we experienced some strange technical problems while in system as well. I think the Valuspa system deserves a closer examination. If we can duplicate the ionic effects seen on the planet, we could disable the defenses of a whole world in one attack. I am sending the reading and samples to R&D for further examination. The captured ship will be delivered to the shipyards for a more detailed search. Toryn is a known pirate and smuggler. We must expect that he has secret compartments on the vessel. I would also suggest a much more detailed interrogation of the Rodian. He knows more than he is saying.

Jeto Malta Incident Report - Episode 16

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