These religious zealots came from Galaxy 13491 during the Empire War. At first the Romulans viewed them as allies but when it was later discovered that they were manipulating politics in both the Romulan Star Empire as well as the Federation, opinions suddenly changed. During the war the Jedi accounted for many major defeats suffered by the Romulans. Today the Jedi religion is outlawed in both the Federation as well as in the Romulan Star Empire.

Based on information the Jedi revealed to the public the following has been learned:

  • A Jedi was a member of the Jedi Order, who studied, served and used the mystical energies of the Force; usually, the light side of the Force.
  • The weapon of the Jedi is the lightsaber, a weapon with a blade made of pure energy.
  • The Jedi fought for peace and justice in the Galactic Republic, usually against their mortal enemies, the Sith and Dark Jedi, who studied the dark side of the Force.
  • The Order was almost destroyed twice, first by the Sith Empire of Darth Revan and 4,000 years later by the Great Jedi Purge of Darth Sidious.

The way of the Jedi had become the way of wisdom and patience, backed by swift and decisive action when necessary.

Becoming a Jedi required the most profound commitment and astute mind – the life of a Jedi was one of sacrifice. To hinder transgression, those who showed an aptitude for the Force were taken directly from birth (or soon afterward) to train at a the Jedi Temple or one of the smaller Jedi Enclaves as Padawans (or Apprentices). From the beginning of their training, a Jedi was expected to adhere to a strict Code that included concepts such as rational thought, patience, and benevolence. Uncomfortable emotions such as hate, anger, and fear were thought to be destructive and led to the dark side, so such things were banned from Jedi practice. This demonization of emotions is very simular to what the Vulcans practice.

The cult recruits children (Padawan) who would typically go on missions with their Jedi Masters to learn from experience. Children being trained as Jedi were called younglings and instructed in ‘clans’ by a venerable, experienced Jedi Master, learning the ways of the Jedi and the powers of the Force.

When an individual cultist achieved satisfactory indoctrination into the Jedi Way, they were usually taken under the wing of another Jedi member and instructed individually to complete their training. Masters typically brought their Padawans along on missions, and later sent them on missions of their own, to allow them to gain experience and learn from practice.

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