Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 9

Jacen Daasa’s Personal Log – Episode 9

It’s been some time since my last log, and much has happened. First of all, we managed to rescue Satele from Starfleet. It was a mad plan, my pretending to be stranded in space so I could be brought aboard the Iriquois while the Heart o’ Gold sat nearby, cloaked. I met Admiral Yore, and he is a presence to be admired. Using the Force, I managed to convince my two escorts to take me to the brig where they were holding Satele. I nearly felt overwhelmed when I saw the number of security personnel assigned to watch over the prisoners. However, I managed to steel myself and continued through with the plan. Luckily, Karr was on his game, and as soon as I had ionized the controls detaining Satele and her cellmate, we were transported off the Iriquois and back to the crew. One of the security officers happened to have been transported with us, but he saw the wisdom in surrender. We dropped him off on Ferenginar so that he could recontact Starfleet as soon as he was able.

During the escape, Rexar and Kylee lit up the Iriquois, causing some incredible damage to the ship. This wasn’t our plan, though it likely led to our being able to get away. I believe the Starfleet vessel’s bridge was hit by a torpedo, and truth be told, I’m not really certain whether or not I want the Admiral to have survived.

After our rescue of Satele and her friend Juneau, we made our way to Denchar, where we hoped to effect a rescue of our friends. We cloaked the Heart o’ Gold and carefully made our way to the OMC island which was the gateway to our original escape. There, Karr managed to ‘daisy-chain’ the facility’s transporters with the ship’s, in the hopes that if any of the vessels in orbit detected the transporter activity, they’d first find the island, giving us a short window of opportunity to escape. Then, Karr, Rexar and myself transported to the Xebec to find and coordinate a time and location for our friends and allies to congregate. We chose the cemetary as it’s a relatively open area which might draw the least amount of notice for a large number of people to be in one location. With surprising skill, Karr, Rexar, and Kylee once again managed to shine at their duties, and we managed to get all of the people we were able to contact off of the penal colony – a little over 200 men, women, and children. The Force was truly with us that day.

We transported them all to Citadel Station, where all but a few took their leave of us, though not without their effusive gratitude – we made some friends, which might prove to save our own skins some day. After some celebration of our own, we learned that Karr’s sister – K’ara – had been captured in a raid and had been taken to Prybella in a nearby system. The message to Karr told him to come alone, but there was no way we would allow that to happen. We decided that YunDarr and I would accompany Karr to Prybella, taking one of our two remaining runabouts (the third was left behind on the Iriquois); Tarak and the rest of crew would follow in the Heart o’ Gold once the few repairs we needed were made and the needed supplies were loaded onto the ship.

When the three of us arrived at Prybella, Karr took us in for a landing, but we didn’t take into account the awesome electrical storms. Our ship was struck almost immediately by a bolf of lightning which shorted out most of the controls and our engines. Runabouts don’t glide, and it was only through the magnificent effort of Karr and YunDarr that the engines were re-engaged in time to turn our fall from a fatal one to merely a crippling one. I have never really learned how to handle a ship, but I’m beginning to think that I should learn, if only so that I can be of more assistance under the circumstances I find myself in with increasing regularity.

After the crash, and once we’d dealt with our injuries, Karr managed to get the runabout flying again, though the damage was severe enough that she’d not make vacuum again without extensive repairs. The settlement was a small one, not unlike the dozens of similar places I’ve been over the years. The Klingons awaiting us were in the cantina – of course – and Karr’s plan was to barge in and to accost them; as I was there to back him up, I went along with his plan, though I did have my misgivings. To be sure, I did think Karr would be a better judge of dealing with Klingons than I would be, given his shared ancestry with them.

YunDarr and I watched, ready to intervene, as Karr approached the group. He exchanged words with them, and then one of the pirates rolled backwards over the table away from Karr as he screamed “Kill him!”. Weapons were drawn and the battle was joined. YunDarr leapt to Karr’s aid, and I was going to follow when I noticed the screamer trying to escape out the door. As there was only 10 or so pirates remaining, I chose to follow the runner thinking that Karr and YunDarr would have things well in hand in the cantina. The two of us were delayed as a dozen or so more Klingons charged into the cantina, batleths and knives already drawn. Once they passed I followed the escapee outside, where he had met an Andorian, who, upon hearing that Karr was inside, drew a lightsaber. I blocked his way and we squared off, but the runner was getting away. Since I felt the runner would lead me to Karr’s sister, and trusting as I did in Karr’s and YunDarr’s fighting prowess, I stepped aside and continued my chase.

He led me to a large building which proved to be the pirates’ barracks. He was alone there, as rest of the crew had gone to fight my companions. I challenged him, asking where Karr’s sister was. At first he proclaimed that she was already dead, but there was a ring of untruth to his words. We talked some more, until he finally admitted that she yet lived, and would tell me where she was for payment. As I had no money, I offered him my Ferengi Shades to him – he accepted and indicated another building.

I made my way there quickly; as I crossed the ground between the two buildings I could hear that the fighting in the cantina had died down, but just as I opened the door, a massive blast from the cantina threw me into the room. As I regained my feet, I was met by the sight of a Vulcan woman in a cage, to match the other cages all containing wildlife from around the galaxy. K’ara had some choice words for me at first, as she initially thought me to be a member of the pirates. Once I freed her, she warmed up to me a little, and only occasionally continued to insult me – I must admit I liked her spirit. We went to the cantina where we were met by an odd sight. Karr was hanging by his chained wrists from a rafter; the bar was a smoldering ruin, with bodies strewn about – YunDarr was nowhere to be seen, though we found out quickly that the floor beneath him had given way, dropping him into the basement.

Apparently, Karr had not fared as well as I had supposed he would, and had likely been unconscious before I’d even left. Luckily, he managed to come through the battle; YunDarr had as well, though his wounds were more grievous than Karr’s. We stole one of the priates’ shuttles to get us back to the Heart o’ Gold, leaving our ruined runabout behind. (That left us one.)

After that, we took a short trip to the Depository where Alyr regained some of his money. I discovered that Honi had been there, but had left with Barty Banks to return to Citadel – I don’t know who this Barty is, but the bartender at the Depository said he was a good guy, which matches up with everything Alyr’s said about him; I hope I get to meet him some day. Unfortunately, when we got back to Citadel he haid already left and Honi had been arrested for drug trafficking. Karr’s friend, Salma, managed to get the charges dropped and had her released, though she was banished from the station and would have to remain on the ship while we were docked.

Currently, we’re preparing to travel to find Karr’s uncle on the far side of the galaxy. Satele and Juneau have decided to stay behind and continue their fight – some of the crew gave them some contacts to meet in that regard. Happily, K’ara’s decided to stick around for a while, since Karr’s uncle is her uncle as well. It’s a long trip to where we’re going, and there’s no telling where any of this will lead. One good thing is that we’ll be out of the area for a while, and since we’ve turned the heat up on ourselves, it’ll do us good to be out of sight and mind for a while.

Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 9

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