Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 8

Jacen Daasa’s Personal Log

We made it out of the ruins, and what an adventure! Some of the things we found are quite intriguing, not to mention the historical value some of it has for the Bajoran people. There were many traps that we had to bypass, though I could have done better on that front myself. It’s now obvious to me that, while my archaeological skills are still somewhat lacking, my tomb robbing skills are entirely non-existent. I’ll need to see if there are any holonovels that could help me out there.

The most remarkable part of the whole venture is that I came back from it with a sense of revitalization, as if a weight I had been unaware of has been lifted from me. I think it had something to do with that room with the well and the black mirror. The caretaker – for lack of a better word – was a calming influence, calm enough that we didn’t immediately assume an offensive stance. Instead, we spoke with him. The test he put us through was intersting, to say the least, but I won’t go into specifics here; some things should be entirely personal.

Mirrors must be of some religious importance to the Bajorans, or at least to those that created the ruins we explored. Many rooms had them, though they often proved to be portals. One such seems to have transported myself and Tarak to home – or Galaxy 13491 as they call it here – though it was ten years or so ago, at a time when the Republic was facing Separatists in a Civil War. There was no mention of a Darth Vader there, though I did hear the name ‘Palpatine’ mentioned occassionally; whether it’s the same person as the Emperor, I don’t know, but I’d say it’s likely.

We did meet some interesting people and fought alongside troops in battle. I must say, though I do not have a love for war, the exhiliration and adrenaline arrising from that environment has not yet been matched in my experiences. I will miss Aayla and Senator Amidala; I hope they survive the Imperial coup, or better yet, find their way here where they could yet make a difference.

I have many thoughts racing through my head as I record this log, and I don’t know if I can organize them – or if I really even care to. For the first time in years I truly felt alive. With luck and motivation, I expect many more ventures like this in the future.

Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 8

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