Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 5

Jacen Daasa’s Personal Log


The word sounds funny to my ears, even as we journey towards Commerce Planet 01. After a long, difficult trek through the Undermaze, we found an abandoned tunnel digger which gave Karr access to the Needle Racer first, and then the Orion Mining Colony second, to where he was able to transport the rest of us. (I’m still not used to this ‘beaming’ way of travel, and I hope we don’t have need of it too often.) We lost two good people during the journey: Dey’ron, who I would have liked to have known better, and Tanda. Tanda died too young, in a stupid, needless ambush. I dread, now, meeting Mission again. I have no wish to bring her the news that yet another of her friends has died. She’s experienced so much in her short life, and yet can still be so cheerful. I miss her, daily.

This ship we travel in, the Fearless, is more than we could have ever hoped to find. Still, I am going to suggest to the others that we sell it instead of refurbishing it when we get to our destination. She’s a war vessel, and may draw observation where we need to pass unnoticed.

Freedom… the word rings hollow yet. Though free of Denchar, my path is still not one of my choosing, at least until I can reunite with Satele and determine exactly what’s going on. Karr has a path destined for him as well, one given to him by the kuew entity. Tarak must make his way home, to stand at his mother’s grave.

The Force is guiding us all, but to what end I wonder?

Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 5

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