Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 4

Jacen Daasa’s Personal Log

The Grinning Vulcan looked like Ferengi takeout when we were sent back. The place was in a shambles, and dead bodies covered the area. I checked my room while the others looted – my gear had been stolen. I then went to the infirmary, only to find a closet where it once stood. I recognized Cate’s ploy, of course, disguising the room holographically – so I made contact with her through the control arch. When were all gathered in what was left of the bar, we learned that most of the group had joined with the Jolets, and many of the rest had gone to the Undermaze.

Our next stop was the Jolet’s HQ, where we discovered A’lana and Thuku, as well as some of the slaves. They didn’t know where any of the others had gone. After a bit of discussion, the group decided to try and reach an agreement with the leaders of the gangs and to set up a council to run the city, instead of one tyrant. Jolet was behind the idea, but we needed to check with Jormu before we could take it any of the other gang leaders.

We trailed the Gurlacs to a fight between them and some Slashers. The Slashers were winning, until I borrowed Tarak’s photon grenade and evened the odds up a little. Didn’t take the Gurlacs long to finish up after that, so we made our way down to speak with Jormu. She wasn’t too thrilled with the idea, but she saw the wisdom of it and agreed to back it.

Our next trip was to the Jik-Fenya; with the clones behind us, we’d have a pretty good chance of making the idea work. Due to my usual diplomatic skills, we failed to reach the agreement we were hoping for. I really gotta learn how to keep from causing static in those situations. We did learn that YunDarr was being held by the Ula-Teks though, and even though I didn’t really want to take the risk, we decided to help him escape.

Turns out it was all for the good, in the end. Those fekkik verools were in the middle of some kind of worship, calling on their god (a honkin’ great big piece of radioactive rock) to bless them; and by bless them I mean they were trying to get they’re rock to explode and kill everyone in the city! After a few stumbles, we managed to destroy the Ula-Tek ‘god’ and rescue YunDarr. We took some hits though, so Cate’s medical skills were called for again.

Our last act was to go to the Dancing Dwarf. There, we hoped to make contact with T’Shon, and to see if he could get word to Tal Shuresh for us, letting him know that we wanted to palaver. Not so easily accomplished though; the bar had been taken by the Grimjacks, and T’Shon was nowhere to be seen. We did see an AK being toyed with, however, so we purchased him and asked him to bring Shuresh our request. Now we just have to wait and see if the Big Point responds.

Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 4

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