Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 3

Personal Log: Jacen Daasa – Episode 3

It only took a couple of days for the AKs to respond. It was a normal night at the Vulcan, when the sheriff showed up looking for Tarak. After a quick word with Alyr and Thuku, I apporached the droid with the intention of distracting it. As I talked, Alyr and Thuke flanked to get into a better position. Even though I was expecting them, the first shots caught me off guard simply from the sheer number of them passing me. Luckily, before the droid could react I managed to get off an ionizing blast which stopped the altercation altogether. Karr and Cate then took the hunk of scrap to the workshop to see if there was anything left that we could utilize.

The next morning, the AKs took action that went beyond the pale. A couple of Orions showed up looking for Karr. When he showed up, the female Orion spoke with him and then handed him an infant. While the rest of us was trying to figure out what was going on, the Orions slipped out. I don’t know what my warning was, but when the child burst into flames I dove for cover, ending up behind the same table that Tarak did. The others weren’t so fortunate; the explosion caught the rest, injuring Karr superficially, and A’lana more seriously.

After a quick status check, we started to track the Orions through the city; I think we were all certain they had been sent by the AKs, and as we got closer to the castle our suspicions seemed to be proved. However, we encountered several AKs rousting a lone Human female – too bad for them. The fight was short, and even though I attempted to capture one for questioning, it wasn’t meant to be. Their ‘victim’ turned out to be Al’isabet – a padawan who had already taken on Gunner and lived, and potentially a good ally for us to have. As the Orions’ trail led to the fortress, we decided to return to the Vulcan to regroup and rethink our tactics. Luckily for us, it turned out, as a massive storm broke over the city a short time later, which would have made attacking the fortress absolute folly.

A few nights later, the AKs returned to the Vulcan in force. Somehow or other, the majority of us happened to be in the infirmary when they arrived, leaving Tarak in the bar alone. One of the slaves ran down to get us; on the way I slipped my saber into my hand. As I suspected, Gunner had finally arrived. The ohters spread out around the bar but I chose to step to the middle of the bar. I realized that was a mistake as soon as I realized just how many AKs Gunner had brought with him – unfortunately, my pride was up and I couldn’t seem to keep my mouth from talking, even as my head was screaming to shut the frak up!

Of course, a major fight broke out – guns and disruptors opened up filling the bar with smoke and heat, and it was all I could do to defend myself from all of the incoming fire with my saber. At some point I think the alien Kel showed up, roping AKs from the doorway and pulling them outside to meet their fate. I saw Tarak go down from a disruptor blast to the back, though it seemed to be a grazing hit. Then Al’isabet showed up stark naked, swinging her saber as she cut through a group of AKs. I felt her call on the Force to throw one of the Romulans into Gunner, knocking them both to the ground. I saw my chance and I took it. Before Gunner could regain his feet, I leapt across the bar and brought my saber down, severing his head from his shoulders and killing him instantly! We thought that might be the end of the fight – after all, the AKs had just lost their leader. Trouble was, they’d seen this before – Gunner’d been killed before, and always regained his feet to return to battle.

So the fighting continued. At some point, Tarak regained consciousness; he apparently had a trick up his sleeve, ‘cause the next thing I saw was him rolling a grenade across the floor into the thickest part of the AKs. I dove for cover and when it went off, it took out the remaining Romulans; it also took out our ally Kel. We all stood around, a bit shocked I think that we were still alive. The smoke was thick in what was left of the bar, but as it cleared we all saw that Gunner’s body was still laying where it had fallen – looks like even the unkillable can be killed.

That was when Alyr, Thuku, and YunDarr all got transported out of the bar. A few minutes later they were back; they’d been beamed to the Neptune and had their disruptors taken from them. Apparently, the high-setting discharge one of them had used had caught the attention of the orbiting wardens. Just after they beamed back in, my vision went kinda blurry. When my vision cleared, we were still on Denchar, but one that was different.

What followed is still kind of strange, and I wonder if it was some sort of vision. We were on a Denchar being run by the Czerka company, which was running the mines on the planet. We called for a shuttle, got to the orbiting spaceport, and ran into a friend of mine from the P’jem Monastery, T’ron, who also happened to be a relative of Karr’s. She aided our escape by setting us up as corporate Wookiee hunters, and booked our passage on a ship bound for Kashyyyk. A few weeks later, we stole a shuttle and set course for Nar Shadaa, all the while trying to figure out what had happened. A day out from our destination, an entity that Alyr and Karr referred to as a Kuew appeared on the shuttle and sent us back to the Xebec we knew.

He said it would be a week after the battle with Gunner and his AKs. When our vision cleared, we were standing in the rubble of the bar. Now we just have to find out what happened during our disappearance.

Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 3

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