Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 2

Personal Log: Jacen Daasa – Episode 2

After a night’s rest following the fight with the spider-driller, we eventually made it back to the surface of Xebec. We had a small altercation with the Slashers on the way out, but Alyr was able to talk our way through it with minimal fuss. When we got back to the Vulcan, we learned that during our short journey a escape on a grand scale has occured. Alyr thinks the escapees may have been disintegrated instead of given their freedom; I’m not that familiar with these transporters, so I’ll withhold judgment, but I do find it hard to come up with a rationale that would lead raiders to risking an altercation with a Starfleet starship just to kill some prisoners.

To celebrate our return to the surface, we decided to check out one of the rival bars, Trippers Paradise. In our absence, A’lana, YunDarr, and Thuku had gotten the Vulcan fairly busy, but everything was under control so we went out – so much for disciplined behavior, right? The Paradise was packed, and the music and drinks were on target. We were all having a grand time, even with losing a yet another wager with Alyr, until we saw the news feed. Corsair and his crew had been captured by Starfleet while en route to Denchar. Not only had our way off this rock just disappeared, but more of Alyr’s – and by extension, our – friends will be tried and sentenced to a Federation penal colony. With any luck, some of them will find their way to Denchar the hard way, where we can meet them and given them a hand.

The next day, Tarak discovered the location of the Thieve’s Market and a ‘safe’ way to get there. We checked it out – it was interesting, and the Market was all it’s touted to be. Karr and Alyr even managed to get their hands on a lightsaber; Karr sold it to me, and what I’m told was a substantial discount from the price he paid. I don’t know how I’ll repay them, truly.

My only goal now is to get off this stench-filled dust ball so I can seek out and help my padawan. With the loss of the Starjammers, my feeling is that the ‘Needle Racer’ we learned about might be the key to escape. The passage it travels runs the circumference of the planet – we may be able to use it to get to the other hemisphere. It’s my belief that the sentinels in orbit likely focus their attention on the city of Xebec. From the other side of the planet, we may be able to initiate communications with or rescue by an outside source.

Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 2

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