Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 13

Jacen Daasa’s Personal Log – Episode 13

With the events – or should I say non-events – of the singularity behind us, we turned our thoughts to the stories of the nearby ‘Jedi’ ruins. I was interested, of course, but more from a scholarly angle than one of profit. The Heart o’ Gold, however, is crewed by pirates and brigands, and as Alyr pointed out, they were getting restless. After returning from the last voyage, Tarak secluded himself with his girls in his quarters – probably calming his nerves through a mixture of drink, drugs, and debauchery. Not that I blame him; I might have done it myself if I didn’t have students to teach. That left Alyr in charge for the while, and he decided to raid the outpost.

His tactics were commendable, if not a little simplistic. Luckily, there were plenty of seasoned soldiers on board that he listened to, to the extent that the attack on the Federation vessel went smoothly, with few casualties on either side (though a few of the Starfleet personnel were beaten unneccesarily). Of course, it must be stated that we’re lucky it was only a scientific vessel, with only a small military contingent. Even with our advantage, the squad on the planet was able to secure their position to the extent that we were required to bargain with them to avoid wholesale slaughter. I’m actually glad that Alyr was in charge, as I’m certain that Tarak would have happily bombarded the encampment before making any such agreements.

The end result is that we’ve been given access to the ruins, with the chief of security, Lieutenant Tompkins, as our guide. The Starfleet personnel will be unharmed, provided they cooperate with us. Our goal is simple – we’re going to search the ruins to make sure that no major Force-infused artifacts get acquired by Starfleet. If necessary, I will destroy any such that we find, with or without the assent of the others. I suspect the ruins are in fact Dark Side oriented, if not outright Sith in nature. If I’m entirely correct in my supposition, these may be the remnants of the Sith that left my galaxy millenia ago, perhaps even the very ones that Revan left to seek out.

We’ve entered the first chamber, which promptly closed us in. This will be the first test of course, the one that the tomb makers will have established to see if we are ‘worthy’ of continuing. It’s remarkable really; the Sith erect great tombs to hold the greatest among them, and then fill them with traps and dangers. The goal, of course, is to enhance the Dark Side. By making such treasures available, with the location clearly marked, treasure hunters come from around the galaxy to gain the riches. Only the strongest, either physically or spiritually, will make it through to the final rooms, where the Dark Side will assail them until they succumb or die. I’d like to say that the training the Jedi gave me will make me more resistant to the call, but history tells me otherwise; I may be in even more danger than my companions.

It looks like we’re about to get started.

Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 13

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