Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 12

Jacen Daasa’s Personal Log – Episode 12

As I start to write this entry, I realize I don’t know what to say. I guess I’ll start at the beginning, so that in the future as I think on this again I can at least understand the order that things happened.

After journeying back to the edge of the singularity, we decided on the crew that would venture in: myself, Mike, the Professor, Tarak, Karr, Alyr, K’ara, and Kylee. The trip in was shaky, though nothing that was outside the parameters prepared for by Professor Challenger and Karr. The side bet between Alyr and Tarak was entertaining if terrifying – after all, how many other beings would wager who could survive the rigors of open vacuum the longest?

As we entered the singularity, with alarms blaring, I confess I had a moment of utter terror. Then, everything went… quiet. After checking the sensors, Kylee put forth the idea that we’d entered a ‘subspace anomaly’; in other words, we’d entered the equivalent to the eye of a hurricane. Within this ‘bubble’, sensors registered a large vessel, apparently of ‘Borg’ manufacture, or at least something that had been ‘assimilated’ by them. I put those words in quotation marks as I don’t fully understand the concept, having never encountered them before; I’ll have to do some research as I get some time.

We docked with the vessel, where we met Kang, a Klingon from a time two centuries prior to when we entered, evident by his lack of head ridges. With him was his consort, Anathraxa, and his daughter, Aurra. Also present was a multitude of guards. He welcomed us, treated us to a feast, and then left us to wander, with the caveat not to attempt to pass any guards. My night was passed pleasantly in the company of K’ara.

The morning brought another bounty of food and, to no great surprise, the news that Alyr had ‘conquered’ Kang’s daughter. What was surprising was the news that he had killed Mike as well, in a duel over which of the two would bed the girl. After a day of wandering about the vessel, we returned to the evening meal where, after a short discussion with Aurra, Tarak was suddenly attacking the retreating girl. Before I could act, he had cut her down with his light-whip (the one I had made for him) – she had managed to shoot Karr before being killed, but then we were under assault by the numerous guards ringing the room. I called on the Force and unleashed a torrent of ionization, which managed to disable the guards in the room. (My fear, however, and rage opened my control to the Dark Side, and I can feel it’s cold tendrils working within my mind.)

Afterwards I argued with Tarak – I don’t remember why, and then headed for the ship to await them. He sent Kylee and K’ara after me, to stop me from leaving them to die – such a high opinion of me Tarak has. Kylee held me at gunpoint in the shuttle as we waited; apparently stories of the capabilities of Jedi had her on edge. While we waited, I meditated while Kylee stood watch over me and K’ara prepared the ship for liftoff. Eventually, Alyr, Tarak, and Karr returned. The hangar bay doors were closed, so I volunteered to get them open. It was a bit of a surprise that when I cut through the door I was blown into space – I’ve grown so accustomed to force fields that I wasn’t prepared for a ship not to have one in place of the gap. If not for Karr’s reflexes and capability with transporters, I wouldn’t be here to write this log.

I don’t really remember the journey back to the Heart o’ Gold; my injuries were painful and I was concentrating mostly on remaining conscious and healing what wounds I could. I remember Tarak taking Alyr’s pistol and shooting Kylee, though I’m not clear as to the reason. I do remember there was no turbulence during the return flight, mainly because I thought it odd at the time.

When we landed and left the shuttle, we were met by D’orr who asked how the trip had been. Others inquired if we’d found any treasure, or if the whole thing had been a bust. Upon further inquiry, we discovered that there was no singularity – there never had been. We’d been on a trip to search some ruins on a nearby planet. Kylee was well and alive, having never actually been with us on the trip. The crew had never heard of Mike or Challenger, though Alyr still had Mike’s pistol, and Karr still had the Professor’s notes from preparing the runabout for the trip into the singularity.

It concerns me that I felt no disturbances in the Force during these events, though my time at P’Jem has taught me that psionic skills can achieve many of the… things we encountered. Karr hasn’t mentioned any such feelings, however, and since he was the only psychic on the trip I have to bow to his expertise. Whatever it is that Alyr practices, he hasn’t mentioned any ties to that either. I’m left considering the entity known as Q, but that seems like a hollow explanation at best.

So, I write this in the hope of making sense of these events at some point in the future. Perhaps these were tidings of things to come, or perhaps we wandered too close to some ancient denizen of space that likes to play with lesser beings for sport.

Of course, the most logical conclusion would be that Cate spiked all of our food with some sort of mind-altering drug…

Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 12

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