Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 11 Supplemental

Jacen Daasa’s Personal Log – Episode 11 Supplemental

The reptillian prisoner – a Terokian – was very uncooperative. Only after taking a beating and being raped by Karr did he give up what he knew – that A’lana and Dorra had been taken through the singularity. Unfortunately, the Heart o’ Gold would never survive a transition through, so it looked like we may have lost our two companions. Thank the Force that I wasn’t the bearer of that news to Dorr!

Professer Challenger claimed he had designed the Lady Luck to survive the forces at work within the singularity – unfortunately, we didn’t have a spare, and sicne the original had already gone through, things didn’t look promising for us. There was a planet nearby with a shipyard, so we headed there to see if we’d have any luck. During the journey, Karr and Challenger conspired together in an attempt to see what they could figure out.

What they came up with sounded insane to me, but if Karr says it’ll work, the least I can do is follow through the mission. On Mudpit – the dirtiest, foulest port I’ve ever been to, and that includes Mos Espa on Tattooine – Alyr managed to find a shuttle that had seen better days, but at least it fit the parameters our two engineers gave him.

The journey back to the singularity took aout 5 days, during which every engineer worked around the clock to get things set up. Basically, Karr was going to reconfigure the shuttle’s shields to match the calculations that the professor determined. If done properly, the shuttle will survive the passage through the singularity. If not, well, whoever goes won’t know what happened.

We arrived at the edge of the event horizon last night. All that’s left to do is figure out the crew that’s going. Mike and the professor are two; I’m the third. Guess I’ll have to wait until after breakfast to see who’s coming with us.

Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 11 Supplemental

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