Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 11

Jacen Daasa’s Personal Log – Episode 11

Well we left Commerce 02 with little preamble – all we had to do was wait for Karr to get himself another 2-3 dozen cases of that foul Slurm he’s started drinking. I know the Order teaches us to accept all cultures, but I really wish they didn’t all have to eat such disgusting fare.

Tarak had gotten some information from the Syndicate regarding the piracy opportunities in the sector, and since most of the crew we’d hired on was expecting it, we set out to do just that. It wasn’t quite as difficult to explain that to my new students as I would have thought; I may need to keep a close eye on them for the time being – this wouldn’t be the first time a Miraluka had been sent to assassinate me. It wasn’t long after we arrived at our stalking area that the action began – only it wasn’t from outside. First thing any of us knew was the ship shuddering – I found out later an explosive had gone off in the engine room, killing one of the Klingons and seriously injuring two others. Next thing, the warp engines engage sending us to Force knows where, and to cap it all off, Rexar, Kylee and the rest of the bridge crew were locked out of their controls. To make a long story short – since it’s apparent we survived by my writing this – one of Cate’s enemies had shown up and attempted to do her in. Just one more hazard in a growing list that this crew has.

Once Cate got the upper hand, we figured out where we were – not as bad I suspected, but I keep forgetting just how slow warp drives can be some times. We did pick up a contact on long range sensors which turned out to be a naval vessel from a small empire, one just reaching their sixth system. The ‘combat’ with them seems to have taken the edge of the crew off, though there was one incident in the galley between the Klingons and Luxans.

Karr had a strange dream, one I think is more likely a psionic encounter but I don’t really understand that field. Following the coordinates he learned, we discovered a type of singularity, one that wasn’t quite a standard black hole though I couldn’t really explain the difference. There was a ship caught in the event horizon – obviously from the Federation’s past judging by the educational holonovels I occassionally run in my spare time. With the engines the Heart o’ Gold has the bridge crew determined that we might be able to get close enough to tractor beam them out. That turned out to be a success, but as we were nearing the edge of the event horizon, two Garidian Peacekeeper cruisers arrived demanding our surrender. The only option we had was to cut the Lady Luck (the ship we were towing) free so that we could maneuver fully. Mike and George (the two men aboard the Lady Luck) agreed and wished us luck.

We managed to escape the Peacekeepers, but by the time we were able to swing around and return, the Lady was much further into the singularity – too far in to risk the Heart o’ Gold. The only plan we had was to send our shuttle in with a small crew and something called ‘pattern enhancers’. Evidently, with those in place, Rexar would be able to overcome the gravitational forces at work that were stopping us from simply transporting the crew out of the hole they were in. Karr, Minx, and myself made the trip, and again, since you’re reading this, the plan worked.

As we left that phenomenon behind us, the ship was boarded and we were attacked by some strange lifeforms, ones that no one aboard had encountered before – short, hardy reptillians and whispy, wraith-like beings. Somehow in all of the confusion, A’lana and Dorra were abducted. There’s no evidence as to what may have happened, but the one prisoner we took will be answering to Karr and Tarak.

I don’t envy his next few hours, nor do I pity him.

Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 11

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