Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 10

Jacen Daasa’s Personal Log – Episode 10

Things have been sorta quiet for a few weeks. After getting back to Citadel with K’ara and taking custody of Honi, we hung around the station for a couple of days before heading out towards Commerce 02. That trip was interrupted for a short time due to a navigational error made by Rexar, though it wasn’t really his fault – we’d forgotten to update our navigational system for Garidian space (which we took care of when we eventually arrived at Commerce 02).

We came out of subspace near a blue planet, from which an automated distress beacon was playing. Upon investigation, we learned that we had evidently discovered the final resting place of the Crimea Durr, a Klingon generational ship that had departed the Klingon Empire over two centuries ago. Scans indicated a primitive society surrounding the location of the beacon; we were planning to continue our journey but then we learned the Klingon Empire had a reward posted for discovery of the vessel. We transported down to the ship, over which a hill had ‘grown’ since it had crashed, and managed to recover the final ship’s logs. As soon as we can speak to the Klingon High Command in safety, we’ll be able to turn those in for the reward.

After that, we made our way to Commerce 02, where Tarak wanted to introduce many of us to his Shodar and induct us into his Syndicate family. I suspect he’s just looking for some points towards earning some rank within the organization, but by joining I’ll be able to ‘legally’ help Alyr out against any assassins that come looking for him since the price was put on his head – literally, in fact, since we learned that the goal of Mr. Banks is to collect the heads of 100 male porn actors. I guess it takes all kinds to make the galaxy spin.

There were even several attempts on Alyr while we were planet-side – twice in the market that was supposed to be in a controlled area of the planet. Only one of the attempts was by a professional though; the other was done by some street kids trying to take advantage of the open bounty on Cutter’s head. When I tracked that group’s leader to their hidden base in the city’s sewers I learned the truth of the matter and gave them a few strips of latinum to help them out – it wasn’t much but it was all I had on me.

Looks like we’re prepared to strike off for Karr’s uncle tomorrow – just needed to finalize loading some cargo onto the ship. Karr’s bringing two or three cases of some awful concoction they had on that planet – slurm I think it was called. I hope it tastes better than it smells, but I don’t think it does judging by the look on Karr’s face every time he drinks one (and he eat’s still-living food!)

I also picked up a few students while on the planet. A group of Miraluka approached me and asked me to teach them of the Force. They were originally Luka Sene acolytes – I won’t be able to help them continue on that journey, but I will do my best for them.

Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 10

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