Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 1

Personal Log: Jacen Daasa – Episode 1

The day started out normally enough – for Xebec’s Demise anyway. It was Noob Day, and Tarak was sending me and Karr to the Square to pick up supplies and any noobs that might be able to work out at the Vulcan. So we went down and stood aroud with the rest of the gathering crowd, waiting for the beam in to start. When the beam-in started, the AK’s moved in the way they always do, guiding the newcomers to the Dancing Dwarf before starting the Hunt. I managed to grab a Vulcan before he was taken, but then the real fun began – a bomb was beamed into the Square. Everyone ran, except for me, Karr, and the guy. We managed to disarm the explosive with no casualties, and since no one else was still around, we also managed to get the biggest haul of supplies the Vulcan had ever gotten, which we promptly took back to the bar in order to secure it.

That night, the bar was dead – seems there was a duel between Brother Sum and Gunner, to decide which gang would control the South Entrance to the mines. Tarak closed the bar and we decided to check out the fight – so he, Karr, and me headed out. Along the way, a Nausicaan Grimjack tried to shoot one of us – he claimed he was shooting at Karr but his shot seemed pretty close to my head. Any way, Gunner eventually won the fight, so the AK’s kept control of the mine entrance.

We later went to Der Rathskellar, which was also featuring fights. I bet on a Klingon, but she lost in the third round. Her companions weren’t too happy to see Karr – seems my friend has some history in the Klingon Empire, dealing with some sort of betrayal, and some reprehensible actions. I’ve seen Karr do some pretty extreme things, so I can’t say for certain whether he’s guilty of the charges I heard – but I’ll hold my judgement until I see some concrete proof one way or the other. We also got hired by a Kubaz low-life to do a job deep in the mines – she played me for a fool at first, and I’ll admit that stung. But, after getting out of the job, we decided to get to what she wanted first – she’d been willing to pay big, so the risk seemed worth it at the time.

We hired Crazy Eight as our guide – we were told she was the best choice for venturing so deep. Turns out that was good advice – she got us to our goal in just over a day, which was less than half the estimated time we’d been given at first. We found an old Orion Mining Company computer system, including communications and a replicator. The replicator was down to 10% reserves, and the system had no power, but Karr was able to work his engineering genius to jury-rig some power cells to the system to give us minimal power. He was able to replicate a few devices for us, but in the midst of all this, we were interrupted by some unexpected company.

A group of three Jem-Hadar and a Vorlon stumbled upon us. Their group had been using the system for some time. After a brief, awkward meeting, we reached an accord with them. In exchange for their knowledge of the necessary codes to get past the Neptune, we would arrange for them to leave the planet when our ride arrived – a friend of Alyr’s who we’d contact using the communications array. Their group is twenty individuals in size – 18 Jem-Hadar, the Vorlon, and a Delvian priestess – they, combined with the size of our group, may strain Alyr’s friend’s ship, so I don’t know if I’m looking forward to that eventual meeting.

After making contact with the ship, we had a month to wait. We started back toward the surface so that we could begin our own preparation, which included finding two more of Alyr’s friends. Halfway there, however, we ran into a cave-in. When we tried to double back to go around it, another cave-in trapped us in the tunnel. With explosives as the only other option available, we decided to start shifting the rock by hand. It took some time, but we eventuall managed to make a hole large enough to wriggle through.

On the other side of the cave-in we encountered some sort of mining droid, which was apparently the cause of the collapse. We tried to sneak past, but it noticed us and attacked. We eventually disabled it, luckily with no major casualties. It wasn’t a droid – it turned out, but rather a vehicle of some sort, being operated by a lifeform none of us had ever encountered before. We scavenged what we could from the vehicle. Now we just have to get back to the surface.

Jacen's Personal Log - Episode 1

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