The Interions are a race of bipedal humanoids, roughly the same size and proportions as Humans and Sebaceans, but with different cranial architecture. In some circumstances, most often when in the throes of strong negative emotions, the usually ginger-colored hair of females can change to a flaming red. Interions also shed their hair so much that it can even clog up machinery and electronics. The female’s high-pitched scream is known to melt small metal objects in her vicinity.

Background: Interion society to be geared toward education in the arts and sciences; it is not uncommon for a member of the intellectual elite have sixteen advanced degrees or higher. Included in the basic education, it would appear, are the biological and medical sciences, history and archeology. Indeed, the Interions have established an archeological dig at Arnessk, the site where, according to legend, a group of priests maintained peace between Sebaceans and Scarrans for five hundred generations, until about 10,000 cycles ago.

It would appear that Interions and Humans might be related, as they are compatible medical donors for each other in some respects.

Personality: Interions are against violence and war, and believe the Peacekeepers are inferior grunts suited only to carry weapons and die in battle.

Interion Species Template
  • Fitness 2(4)
  • Coordination 2(5)
  • Intellect 3(6)
    • Logic +1
  • Presence 2(5)
  • Psi 0(5)
  • Force 0(5)
  • Essence 0(5)
  • Culture: Interion 2(3)
  • History: Interion 1(2)
  • World Knowledge: Interion Homeworld 1(2)
  • Artistic Expression: Any 1(2)
  • Science: Any 2(3)
  • Science: Any Other 1(2)
Typical Traits
  • Language: Interion (Fluent/R/W) (+4)
  • Shriek (+5)
    • Interions have the odd, and somewhat annoying, ability to release a high-pitched scream when frightened or in pain. The scream can actually stun those within earshot. At close range, it can actually melt metals!
      • Stunning Effect: Anyone within 3 meters, +1 additional meter per point of the screaming Interion’s Fitness + Vitality will suffer 2D + the Interion’s Fitness + Vitality in Stunning damage. This effect will last only so long as the Interion is screaming +1 round.
      • Metal-Melting Effect: Typically, only soft or very thin metals will melt from the Interion’s shriek; the Narrator should use his discretion. As a default rule, the metal in question will take 2D + the Interion’s Fitness + Vitality in damage from the scream.
      • Involuntary Screaming: Most Interions cannot scream at the proper pitch to melt metal consciously; it must arise from fear or pain. An Interion may try to scream at the proper pitch, but this will require the expenditure of a Courage Point. Moreover, when the Interion is frightened or hurt, it is very difficult to contain a scream. The Interion will generally only scream once per incident (e.g., one combat encounter); usually, he or she will scream when first wounded or frightened (when surprised, etc.). When this occurs, the Narrator may award the character a Disaster Point to invoke the Interion’s shriek, possibly affecting the rest of the party. The Interion may spend a Courage Point to avoid screaming (this is why Interions are not particularly popular as travel companions…).
  • Intolerant: Any who prefer strength to thought (-2)


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