Planet Name: Icefall
Class: M
System Data: The ice planet of Neverness is the only planet in the D’feer system. The planet has one large moon
Gravity: 1.25
Atmosphere: Oxygen/Nitrogen
Hydrosphere: 78% Surface Water, all naturally occuring water on the planet’s surface is frozen.
Climate: Extreme Cold
Sapient Species: Nevereen
Tech Level: Level 6
Government: Unified World Government
Culture: Theocracy
Affiliation: Independant
Resources: Trilithium Crystals
Places of Note: Neverness
Ship Facilities: Massive underground starship facility located in the city of Neverness
Other Details: This planet is under interdiction. It is illegal to travel to the system and severe penalties exist for any who would dare land on the planet. The Nevereen as a species are outlawed in the Federation and when discovered are sent to penal colonies.

In addition the planet has one of the most advanced bioeengineering and cybernetics schools in the known galaxy.

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