Hung Jo

The leader of this gang was murdered recently. Currently the gang is in turmoil as several members vie for control. The people of Xebec’s Demise hope that the gang continues on the path it had been on under Hansen Swift. He had the gang set up shops to make cheap supplies, helped the sick, and even ran a hospital. The future of the gang is uncertain with his death.

Members of the Hung Jo gang meet all new prisoners when they arrive and offer them shelter until they get a feel for the city. As such, most of the other gangs do not cause trouble for the Hung Jo out of respect for what they do.

Episode 4

The Grimjacks, taking advantage of the war, have all but killed all members of the Hung Jo. The massacre will be talked about in hushed tones for many years to come. The Hung Jo territories are now controlled by the Grimjacks.

Hung Jo

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