Honorable Assassins Fleet

“The universe is against us and we like those odds”

Tired of Federation interference?
Are you fed up of having Starfleet values forced upon you and your people?
Has their hypocrisy begun to wear on you to the point of madness?
Is their presence hurting your business and affecting your livelihood?
Answer yes to the above and join the Honorable Assassins Fleet.
Those united under the banner of Maclek have vowed to remove all human presence in the universes and insure a glorious future for all free people.

The Honorable Assassins Fleet will seek out new prey, in systems no one has gone before. Our purpose is to slay the weak and make our presence known. The unworthy shall be conquered, the impudent destroyed. True Honor exists only with us for we are above in-fighting and meaningless challenges. All others however, must be watched for weakness and handled accordingly. The enemy’s death brings power and glory.

The Federation and its allies are precipitating war. They have tried to resist fate and stop the destiny of freebooters everywhere. No force in the universe can stop a destiny as great as ours. The human plague must be stopped.

“Do as thou wilt but do it honorably for one without honor is a P’Taq”

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Honorable Assassins Fleet

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