HECATE's Personal Log - Episode 3

+++Begin Log+++

Log Date: 529392 terran standard

Continued field testing of experimental group yielded valuable data. group cohesion and response to stress events is within acceptable parameters and response variables prove fluid and adaptable to situational needs.

Subject 01 continues to deviate from specifications of original control group: observable instances of emotional attachment, impulsivity, stubborness, aggressiveness and comedic sense of timing. Unacceptable deviations from original control group mean. Termination of subject 01 as viable candidate once again postponed by tangible manifestation of desired research benchmarks: manifestation of controlled electrostatic discharge and termination of adversary known to be immune to physical harm +++archived data to be further analyzed+++

New Subject 05 has been selected as possible replacement candidate for subject 01. Further examination of candidate necessary.

Subject 02 possess unique chromosomal pattern confirmed by database DNA search to belong to Furyan human subspecies previously believed extinct. Effort to be made to secure genetic samples. Database search enabled to locate suitable mate for maximum preservation of dominant and recessive genetic traits.

Subject 03 defies conventional classification, as of current date all examinations have failed to provide a conclusive base species to reference. Separate DNA strands for six separate species have been found along with a variable number of other fragments. Vast amounts of synthetic DNA and cybernetics also present in the Subjects’s system. Further study necessary.

Subject 04 has revealed impressive technical knowledge of advanced technological systems. The potential for this cannot be ignored. Placement of damaged assault chassis as physical protection deemed imperative. Incorporation of Subject 04 in escape strategy moved to highest priority.

Medical search for implanted parasites/Alien infestation: Negative

ETA of Corollary subject Al’ana to no longer be subject to medical protocol protection: 48 standard hours

+++Beginning postmortem scans on Jason-Pattern Adversary+++

+++Beginning Infiltration of Encrypted Station Records+++

+++Beginning backdoor modification to damaged Assault Chassis+++

+++End Log+++

HECATE's Personal Log - Episode 3

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