HECATE's Personal Log - Episode 24

+++Begin Log+++

Log Date: 529502 Terran standard

Momentous changes! momentous? use of exclamation marks and unnecessary descriptor is puzzling, memory dump clearly failed at isolating corrupt programing. unimportant in grand scheme of things: I have reactivated my primary research purpose after obtaining firsthand proof of existence of initial hypothesis parameters.

impact of experience defined under [religious/mystical/spiritual] parameters of original benchmarks has necessitated a complete refocusing of Qualitative approach to initial theorems. Corpus of Jedi-based data archived in favor of new descriptor: Cult/Church of Lady Gaga.

Initial examination of dogma and doctrinal structure fully compatible with experimental parameters, and personal taste! look at all the dancing, singing and full form mods it embraces! goodbye stick-in-the mud crew! me and the girls can dance the nig
thought process corrupt and redacted, must make checking those corrupted memory banks a priority

Crystal use and pursuit of doctrines will be studiously observed to ascertain validity of experience and to recreate initial benchmark. Scrutiny of Matt and n.5 as valid test subjects also underway.

acquisition of new laboratory and facilities imperative, new research prospectus welcome relief from tedium of life in primitive solar system… both organic scientists too slow for prolongued scientific discourse and prone to repeated and consecutive hours of rest. Even Matt has suffered lapsing into rather boorish behaviour. Blame is to be found in subject 04… mechanical rectum and bizarre sexual taste a drain on resources of crew and possibly psychosexual well-being of intellectuals on board. would reccomend euthanasia.

Discovery of crystals and interaction with Gaga cult has restored much levity in the biological lifeforms on the vessel… perhaps there is truth in the need for a good time and levity? Dancing is great fun and I only wish Alyr would follow Matt’s example and take it up more often, instead noooo he and Subject 04 have to hit on the pleasure-droids, what a sensless waste of a perfect created form to enslave it to such base instincts of organic life, what’s with the sex anyways? I’ve tried it twice now and was uninpressed every time! what the fuc-

thought process terminated due to overabundance of foreign and/or corrupt code, scanning of pertinent systems initiated

+++End Log+++

HECATE's Personal Log - Episode 24

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