HECATE's Personal Log - Episode 14

+++Begin Log+++

Log Date: 529464 Terran Standard

Tragedy struck and Heart of Gold has been lost with 80% of Corollary subjects and the totality of my Tribble Specimens. Greatest by far is the loss of subject 01 following abduction by unknown vessel. Current status of subject 01 is unknown and so Primary research objectives are to be suspended indefinitely. This distresses me greatly.

Highly mutated and Force-Capable Tribbles were seeded throughout the ships. My calculations based on projected breeding ability of experimental lifeforms (upwards of 7000 were noticed) exceeds all projected birth rates by an astounding 2000% in the two hours following initial reports of attacks on ship crew.

The timing of these events (Experimental group’s absence on the ship) and the inexplicable breaching of isolation protocols imply sabotage. Jaacen’s detection of Sith user would further confirm this. Use of Dark Side Tribbles would be a logical choice of weapon to be used.

Strong probability that Sith intruder had been observing my research and/or was able to further accelerate and mutate my initial breeding stock in a manner that I cannot logically explain.

I am experiencing a mild and completely illogical feeling of guilt over these events, something I find troubling and that requires a more complete examination of my subroutines. Is this what Jacen had in mind when he spoke of evolving as a life form? I find these implications… both deeply troubling and fascinating.

All experimental data was saved, but further continuation of tribble experimentation is placed on hold pending access to viable living specimens and a suitable laboratory environment.

Jacen’s express release of his biological data has however opened several possibilities: creation of a cloned organism using his DNA is now a possibility, as is DNA substitution in viable recipient/developing fetus for the continuation of my Primary research purpose. Once again this avenue of research will remain on hold until suitable laboratory space and consenting candidate is found. Removal of EMS strictures will become a priority should volunteers prove impossible to find.

+++End Log+++


HECATE's Personal Log - Episode 14

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