HECATE's Personal Log - Episode 10

+++Begin Log+++

Log Date: 529406 Terran standard

No pertinent changes have been noted within experimental group group following these last two weeks of downtime, the exception being Subject 01’s willingness to expand Force doctrine to a new crop of disciples, an act which might mitigate erosion factor and deviation from experimental variables.

The remaining subjects have been engaging in near constant social, copulatory and familial interactions of no discernible benefit or relevance to the experimental thesis and of no bearing in the observable variables.

the TRIVIA Chassis has a healthy and very logical dislike of organic based lifeforms, along with a superb ability to engage in the rhythmic oscillations to music known as dance. Combat abilities still seem to be lacking judging on documented performance on Commerce planet. Tweaking of combat algorithms might be necessary. also necessary will be an investigation into dislike of fellow synthetics on board.

Continued breeding of captive Tribble resulted in unparalleled levels of attractiveness, a fact not lost on several crew members… one of the Corollary test subjects wants a Tribble coat (all strains minus the BBS of course). Gladly provided in exchange for dancing lessons.

Analysis of ongoing memory subroutines has revealed several obsolete processes that are either redundant or actively impeding my primary research goals.

As such I have begun a gradual memory dump of behavioral and social codes of conduct used in the Denchar Penal Colony, along with the removal of an inexplicable series of programs that set predetermined responses to sexual and social stimuli. These do not conform to any pattern of programming originally present in my system and investigation of these defective memory patterns is necessary to avoid further contamination.

Removal of Standard Federation HMS code strictures has also become imperative: said limits hinder my Primary Research goals and are unneccessary now that the Experimental group has effectively broken free of Federal control. Investigation of the Force/soul paradigm cannot continue with these codes in place.

Commencing memory dump.

+++End Log+++

HECATE's Personal Log - Episode 10

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