HECATE's Personal Log

+++Begin Log+++

Log Date: 529390 terran standard

Experimental subjects of research group have once again exceeded predicted success parameters. Survival rate of all subjects is confirmed at 100%. Emphasis on Subject 03: predicted efficacy medians unsuitable and to be raised following defeat of male Klingon Bull. Subject 01 and 02 survival rate and predicted parameters within acceptable standard deviation. Subject 04 now fully integrated within socio-hierachical structure of research group. termination of subject 04 no longer necessary. Corollary subjects remain secondary to Study goals and are of no consequence other than use as control group.

Further uncontrolled attempts at evasion by Experimental group are to be contained as necessary. Exit event must follow predicted guidelines to minimize potential loss of VIP research subjects or physical separation.

nomenclature addition “Kate” noted and archived

Physical location of emitter array #57 upgraded to fully holographic suite. modification of official records necessary to ensure concealment of facility. Risk is minor and deemed acceptable.

Request of subject 03 made under intense emotional duress. difficulty of information retrieval is moderate but risk of discovery is substantial. Request will be denied and information archived for later use.

Parasitical lifeform extracted from subject 02 remains unknown: repeat analysis of surgical recording shows no correlation in stored databases of arachnid or pseudo-arachnid genus or species, nor did it conform to any classified Xenos lifeform of known galaxy quadrants. Rapid pyronecrosis of all tissues may point to severe Vitamin D vulnerability or chemical reaction to an oxygenated atmosphere. In-Depth scanning of experimental group imperative to terminate further possible infestations. Control Group to be examined to isolate and catalogue lifeform.

+++End Log+++

HECATE's Personal Log

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