Georgia, also known as Huang Long (Yellow Dragon) in Chinese, shares the first major orbital path around White Sun with Red Sun. Georgia is also the largest of the systems outside of the Core, and is where the Independents first stood up against the Alliance. The worlds in orbit around Georgia include:

  • First: Ezra, orbited by Niska’s Skyplex and Herschel
  • Second: Regina, orbited by Alexandria
  • Third: Boros, orbited by Ares and Turrent’s Moon
  • Fourth: Kerry
  • Ninth: Athens, orbited by Ahnooie, Argabuthon, Ormuzd amd Whitefall
  • Twelfth: Three Hills, orbited by New Lafayette, Conrad and Bob
  • Fourteenth: protostar Murphy
    • First from Murphy: Hera, orbited by Eris
    • Third from Murphy: Shadow, orbited by Summerfair
    • Fourth from Murphy: Yinyang
  • Far Elliptical Orbit: Angel Hair Comet

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Ezra Niska’s Skyplex Regina Boros Ares Kerry Athens Whitefall Three Hills Hera Shadow


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