Fukien Pirates

The most feared band of pirates in the 24th century is the Fukien Pirates. The group’s membership in the Orion Syndicate has always been questioned but there is no doubt that these two organizations do business with each other. In 2320 the colony of Zabric 7 was found devoid of all peoples; later it was discovered that the Fukien pirates kidnapped the entire colony and sold them in Orion slave markets. Since that time the Fukien Pirates have been responsible for the failure of over 70 colonies.

The group currently follows an odd command structure. The leader of the band is called the Vile Pope and his subordinate captains are called Black Cardinals. Most of the crew is made up of Humans, Orions, and clanless Klingons & Andorians. The ships of the Fukien Pirates are insane monstrosities that carry the firepower of six Galaxy-class ships. In addition to the immense firepower, the ships also serve as carriers that hold upwards of 200 fighter-craft and shuttle-craft.

The location of Fukien headquarters is unknown to the general poplulation, but the few that do know how to find it claim it is the most elegant pleasure planet they have ever seen. The planet is called ‘Penumbra’, and is believed to be somewhere in the Uncharted Territories.

The Fukien Pirates claim they are seeking the perfect slave, which they call the Kal Hadar, or ‘Fifth Element’. If they ever find this creature they claim they will have the power to rewrite history and control the entire Galaxy.

Recently Starfleet Intelligence created Special Order #7: ‘The termination of all Fukien Pirates must be considered prior to all other General Orders. When encountered, Starfleet personel will endeavor to execute this General Order at whatever cost necessary’.

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