Final Log of the USS Vanguard

Captains Log Supplemental, Star Date 67102.76: We have entered the Alteran Expanse in an attempt to avoid Starfleet. Sensors are down and the Vanguard is screeching in protest. The constant noise from the warp core is annoying. I ordered Commander Davis to fix the problem. He says by this time tomorrow he will have recalibrated the engines to compensate for the interference being caused by the Nebula. I worry that the stories of this place will prove to be true.

Captains Log Supplemental, Star Date 67121.94: An incident in the Officer’s Lounge today has left me feeling anxiety. Several officers from operations got into a scuffle with another group from Security. The end result was ten dead and 19 in the infirmary. These outburst of violence are becoming more and more random. The sick bay is filled to capacity and nearly 1/4 of the crew is dead. I have given orders to take use out of the nebula but we have lost power to the nacelles and are only able to travel at impulse power. Davis says he can fix the problem but with the loss of so many engineers I worry that he is not up to the task. The bridge crew is now armed in case of further incident.

Captains Log Supplemental, Star Date 67129.36: All is lost. the crew has succumbed to some kind of space madness. Engineering is barricaded and no one can get in and Davis is demanding I surrender the ship. Tonight if possible, the bridge crew and myself will attempt to get to the captains yacht and escape. I fear the Vanguard is lost.

Captains Log Supplemental, Star Date 67130.56: We failed and now have been forced to retreat to the bridge. Chaos reigns supreme on every deck. The sounds of battle are everywhere and this infernal heat is driving me mad. Soren attempted to kill me today and if not for ensign Roar I would be dead. She shot Soren in the back with a phaser and killed her. I always knew Soren was strong but I never realized just how incredibly strong someone could be with cybernetics. No wonder Starfleet fears cyborgs. We will make our final stand here. Perhaps in the next hour perhaps sooner. If you are seeing this, run. Get away from this ship. All that can be found here is death. I hear them coming. May the force be with us.

Final Log of the USS Vanguard

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