Farius Prime

  • Planet Name: Farius Prime
  • Class: M
  • Moons or Rings: Ring structure
  • Gravity: 1.2 G
  • Climate: Standard atmosphere, 40% hydrosphere, cool temperature
  • Demographics: Hundreds of thousands of natives
  • Civilization: Economic and corporate oligarchy
  • Resources: Tradeport, neutrality, lack of extradition

An independent world that serves as a hub for intersystem trade, Farius Prime is also a nexus for unsavory activities. A hive of Ferengi, the Maquis and the Orion Syndicate, Farius Prime is the transfer station for weapons, latinum, goods and services throughout the Bajoran sector and into the Demilitarized Zone.


Farius Prime is the third planet of six orbiting an orange star in the Bajoran sector. It is close to the Demilitarized Zone between Federation Space and the Cardassian Union, and within twelve hours at warp five from the Badlands. While some distance from the primary Orion worlds, its open policies have made it an excellent sector base for Orion Syndicate activities as well.


Farius Prime is a moderately cold world, being on the outer edge of Farius’s habitable zone, though it has sufficient temperate areas to promote agriculture. Still, the moderately short growing seasons meant that the indigenous population was relatively sparse even at the point when they first ventured into space. The planet was underpopulated by galactic standards, however, making it ripe for development as a bustling tradeport for the sector.


Farius Prime has excellent resources for industrial development, though nothing special for interplanetary trade. It has many rocky and mountainous areas, and a good infrastructure connecting them together, making it an ideal world for less savory organizations to set up bases of operation far from the eyes of even Farius Prime’s lax planetary authorities. As there are several enclaves of the Orion Syndicate, renegade Ferengi bases and Maquis supply depots on Farius Prime, the cities become hubs where business can be conducted. Indeed, there is a higher population of offworlders than natives on Farius Prime and in the Farius system at this stage of development.


The Farius Prime Planetary Authority grew out of the relatively rapid contact made with alien species after the natives first ventured into space. Recognizing their proximity to the Cardassians and others made them a target for military staging ground, the Planetary Authority established a presence on each of the six worlds of Farius, exploiting the resources of their system the best they could. Once establishing themselves, they opened their borders for trade, offering themselves as a free port. Their plan was simple; by greasing the wheels of commerce between the different powers of the sector, Farius Prime became more important to those powers as an independent than it would after conquest. When the Federation expanded into the sector as well, taking dozens of different worlds as colonies in what would become the Demilitarized Zone, Farius Prime was on hand as a supply depot and port.

Farius Planetary Authority claims all of the worlds of the Farius system, and asserts its rights to independently prosecute any lawbreakers in its system. It also has no extradition treaties with any of the major powers, though it reserves the right to extradite lawbreakers on a case by case basis. In practical terms, this means many quasi-legal or illegal activities are coordinated from Farius Prime, and the criminals involved have a good reason to not antagonize Farius Planetary Authority.


Once upon a time, Farius Prime was a relatively innocuous world with a relatively content planetary population. The humanoids who lived on Farius Prime were peaceful and philosophical, and the tradition of their world was one of quiet cooperation.

Then, in 2120, Farius Prime sent its first explorers into the universe, and discovered quickly that the universe was teeming with life. Life that sometimes took what it wanted, and all too often rolled over those who stood in their way. The people of Farius Prime debated their options, and resolved to not be in the way of those who came. They would be a trade port, a mediator, a facilitator and a facility for any who came. By 2200, they had established themselves with the local planets as a convenient stop for any ship that needed one.

The open policies and careful acceptance of any who came led to prosperity for Farius Prime. Commerce flowed freely, and with it came the underside of commerce: crime. Even in the early days, Orion Pirates ranging far from their worlds found an open and inviting port, allowing them to refuel and repair their ships and fence their ill-gotten gains in moderate safety. When their targets came to Farius Prime to demand the extradition of the Pirates, the arrayed powers who had come to depend on Farius Prime made it clear that no hostility towards the trading world would be permitted. Farius Prime became known as a haven, and criminals and malcontents of all stripes flocked to the world.

However, before Farius Prime could be overrun by illicit activities entirely, a group of Klingons who had been raided by Orion Pirates came to Farius Prime. They made no attempt to demand satisfaction from Farius Planetary Authority, instead traveling to the world itself, finding their attackers and dealing with them as only Klingons could. By not interfering with the Klingons or protecting the Orions, Farius Planetary Authority made it clear that Farius Prime might be a safe port of call, but it was not a sanctuary. The criminal organizations and cells that had been established on Farius Prime took to the hills as a result, protecting themselves and keeping Farius Prime itself as a neutral party to their activities.

After the occupation of Bajor, the Bajoran Resistance managed to establish trade routes through Farius Prime, using its proximity and the high volume of dishonest traders to have weapons and supplies funneled in from outside the Cardassian Union, keeping the Resistance alive. As Ferengi businesses moved deeper and deeper into the Bajoran sector, they also used Farius Prime both to launder their profits and fence their ill gotten gains. And, occasionally, for completely legitimate business uses.

When Starfleet first established a significant presence in the sector, particularly as new colonies formed and the Cardassian conflict arose, they attempted to bring the rule of law to Farius Prime. However, Starfleet discovered quickly that the Freeport had become too important to too many powers in the Bajoran sector, and that the neutral port would have to be respected. As the Cardassian war grew more intense, Starfleet Intelligence discovered the advantages of Farius Prime’s neutral status, and any attempts to change the way the trade world did its business was abandoned.

With the end of the Cardassian conflict and the rise of the Maquis, Farius Prime became an important part of Maquis supply lines, as sympathetic Federation citizens and even Starfleet officers funneled supplies, support and recruits through the trade worlds. The Orion Syndicate helped with this process, only to turn on the Maquis when Cardassia joined the Dominion. By delivering the Farius Prime cells of the Maquis to the Jem’Hadar, the Orion Syndicate began a process of working with the Dominion. As a side effect, Farius Prime avoided the vicious Jem’Hadar assaults launched on Maquis bases and support worlds.

Starfleet Intelligence learned the Orion Syndicate’s complicity with the Dominion when one of their operatives, Chief Miles O’Brien of Deep Space 9, went undercover in the Syndicate cell run by an Orion named Ramius on Farius Prime. Still, the neutral and independent status Farius Prime enjoyed even through the Dominion War ended when Farius Prime was anexed by the Federation in 2389. In order to put a stop the Orion Syndicate Operations, Starfleet invaded the planet and rounded up thousands of criminals. The future of Farius Prime remains uncertain.


Most characters first going to Farius prime end up at Highport, the largest, most affluent port city on the planet. Thousands of ships lift off and land at Highport every day, and goods are transported to and from the surface pads in the hundreds of tons. However, those looking for less legal contacts generally choose Thirdport or Sixthport; small starport cities off the beaten track where some of the most illegal – and most lucrative – business takes place.

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