“The Fallanassi are pacifists, are they not? What could they send against us?”
“Being a pacifist isn’t the same as being helpless. The Fallanassi have many defenses.”
High Lord Sarasu Taalon, and Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker

The Fallanassi, also known as Adepts of the White Current, was a religious order devoted to the White Current, which the Jedi knew as the Force. It was mostly an all-female group like the Witches of Dathomir and hardly ever taught men their teachings. With the White Current, the Fallanassi could do amazing things with illusions and a unique ability known as Force Immersion, but had no skill with manipulating the physical world through abilities such as Telekinesis. They taught that authority was an illusion and that everyone should serve only their own desires.


One of the order’s first homes was on Lucazec, but after the Fallanassi refused to swear loyalty to Emperor Palpatine, they fled ahead of his stormtroopers, their location betrayed by one of their own members, Talsava.

After finding a number of worlds to resettle on, the Fallanassi chose to abide on the planet J’t’p’tan, deep in the Koornacht Cluster and a sanctuary of the H’kig monks. In exchange for sanctuary on the world, the Fallanassi agreed to protect their spiritual brethren by creating powerful illusions through their use of the White Current, able to convince visitors that the H’kig monastery, the Temple of the Infinite Spirit, was merely a smoking ruin.


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